Why I Want to Be a Labor and Delivery Nurse: Rotation Experience

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Preparation for Procedure in Labor and Delivery
  • Baby Assessment and NICU Admission in Labor and Delivery
  • Conclusion


During my clinical observation in Labor and Delivery, I had the opportunity to watch a cesarean section. It was truly such an amazing experience. Labor and Delivery is a place unlike anywhere else, it is a place where new families are created and is one of the reasons why I want to be a labor and delivery nurse. The nurses in labor and delivery were very welcoming and accepting of students, and so willing to help us learn. I had the opportunity to follow a patient who started in OB triage and ended being admitted to the unit to have her baby. Walking into the patient’s room, I saw a very busy scene. The room might have looked like chaos and confusion, with all the family members crowded around the head of the mommy-to-be, but what I saw was an efficient health care team working together to cover the patients every need. 

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Preparation for Procedure in Labor and Delivery

My preceptor and I walked the patient to the Operating room. I had the opportunity to also observe the anesthesiologist try to administer spinal anesthetic to the patient. That procedure took a while, the patient was very anxious about having a needle inserted in her back, but my preceptor was wonderful she got the patient to relax enough that she allowed the anesthesiologist finish placing the spinal anesthesia. Once the patient was able to lie back down, my preceptor and I got the patient prepared for surgery. I was truly amazed at how calmly and confidently the nurses and doctors in the operating room handled themselves, they successfully delivered a healthy baby.

Baby Assessment and NICU Admission in Labor and Delivery

Once the baby was born my preceptor took the baby to asses. Normally she would have immediately put the baby on mom’s chest, the practice of “skin to skin” helps with bonding, it keeps baby warm and it helps ease baby into breastfeeding. But because the baby was having some difficulties breathing my preceptor wanted the NICU to assess the baby. NICU arrived they assessed the baby, they did not feel comfortable with his breathing they decided to admit the baby to the NICU to monitor him closely. As my preceptor took care of the baby with the NICU team, I got to see the physicians sew back together the other’s uterus and close the incision.


Having the opportunity to watch life enter the world was a remarkable experience for me and one that I will never forget. Even if you have no interest in becoming a labor and delivery nurse, I think everyone can appreciate the experience of birth. By far labor and delivery has been my favorite clinical rotation. I wish this rotation was longer.

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