Why I Want to Be a Physical Therapist Assistant

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What does a physical therapist assistant do and why i want to be a physical therapist assistant?  If you are going to make something of your life support your family, you are simply going to need a career in today’s time. Bouncing back and forth from part-time jobs simply won’t abide. If you are looking for a career that will not only put food on your family’s table but a career that will impact others while letting you get out from behind a desk, you should consider becoming a physical therapist assistant. If you like caring for others and giving them the encouragement that they need to get better then this could be the perfect career for you. However, before you decide if the career is right for you or not, you need to understand fully what your role will be. 

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Most people think that a physical therapist assistant job is all about focusing on a patient’s range of motion. Sure, this will be a huge part of the job, but you are also going to spend a great deal of your time making observations. You will have to observe each patient and make crucial notes as to how they are progressing throughout their therapy. This will help you and the physical therapist determine the next best step for your patient’s recovery.

Just because a patient is leaving physical therapy it doesn’t necessarily mean that their journey is done. As a PTA, you will be responsible for making sure that your patients and their families understand what exercises and stretches that they need to do at home in order to continue working towards their rehabilitation. In addition to this, you might be required to answer any questions that the patient or family members have about such treatments.

Any New York physical therapy clinic is going to offer their patients therapeutic massages. And, this is where PTAs come in handy. PTAs will be required to use a wide range of techniques to help their patients regain range of motion. Therapeutic massages are unique massages that not only help restore range of motion, but they can also relieve pain, decrease muscle tension, and increase the overall blood flow to certain areas of the body. All of these things are critical to the healing process.

When most people hear the world ultrasound they tend to think of pregnancies. Sure, this is one way that ultrasound technology can be used, but it can also be used another way. And, as a physical therapist assistant, you will be required to use such technology. Ultrasounds therapy is unique and can provide a number of benefits as it releases sound waves that can increase blood flow, loosen tissue, and reduce swelling.

Most people associate the physical therapy field with sports injuries, but this is not also the case. Sure, you might find yourself working with a number of athletes that are suffering from sports injuries, but PTAs also have to work with amputees. As a PTA, you will play a key role in rehabilitating amputees and teaching them to use their prosthetic devices in the most effective manner possible.

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