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Why I Want to Be a Teacher: My Motivation

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Because education helps to train free people, who know how to reason their ideas, their beliefs, and their lives. of the things we do. Nature is changing because of the abuses of man, in most of the world, there are people immersed in poverty or if not in wars, while the other part of society lives submerged in ignorance, well because they do not know what is happening either because they do not want to know.

Because I have a good education, in values, in the change of consciousness, in attitudes, … because I want us to change in aspects such as equality in education, the students you have, we all have the right to a good education. You have to have certain shortcomings, it has to be the reason for the discrimination, in the sense that the students have more delays or problems. To those families, I am particularly living with my two nephews.

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Because in this profession there are no people who have a vocation, who put themselves in the place of the student, who are motivated, who have the ability to recycle, learn new methodologies that help and facilitate learning, that is, never leave off learning

All the reasons that have been given previously are those that have led me to the decision to become a teacher. I feel that although I can not contribute to the sea enough to change most of the things that he has put, the important thing is to be there, to contribute what one has to the extent of his possibilities, to be constant in his convictions and to try to take them to the cape.

The biggest reward of being a teacher is not in the vacations you have, nor in the money you earn, but in the important role, they have in the formation of people who will later become part of our society.

I remember that when I was little, they asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, and I always answered ‘Yo Maestra!’

Thus, since my childhood I was fascinated and trapped by this profession where giving and receiving, offering and presenting, teaching and learning, communicating and transmitting, growing and progressing, creating and elaborating, listening and giving the floor, accompanying and guiding … Give in equal parts, and where you are continuously evolving, enriching and personal growth if you really like it and enjoy exercising it.

He played the teachers and imitated them in their gestures and actions.

I also remember that in Reyes, always my parents, apart from toys gave us something, and I felt happy with a simple box of any gift

When my teachers explained some topic, I was always absorbed, because I felt that this communication, that complicity, that dialogue, this pedagogical action were unrepeatable and almost magical.

In all my school stages, I never had the figure of a teacher to mark me or leave a mark. All-as was based on making a school where the blackboard, the chair, the table, and the textbook were the common denominator and where routine, repetition, exams, writing, leaving to say the lesson or ask orally, the mathematical problems without senses, the qualifications were the motivating elements and this tedious chain was broken with the accomplishment of some excursion or the End of Course party, despite everything, I caught them appreciation and affection to some teachers and they are part of me sentimental memory.

Until today, I feel and have the same enthusiasm to start each course and go every day to school (although the road has not been easy walking) is a profession in which I believe and I still believe, because you awaken the desire to learn, strength interior to develop a project, when the family collaborates and participates when the enthusiasm for a topic flows, and especially when you become their guide and companion to overcome their difficulties, leaving themselves to learn about the world and the life, and as Isabel Aguera says ‘The true teacher is the one who knows that he is also a student’. But I do not like it, the bureaucracy that suffocates the school, the excessive meetings because of it, the recycling together with economic incentives, the incomprehension and the internal competencies, the carrying out of activities by inertia, and that the figure of the teacher is not valued. That’s my reason why I want to be a teacher.


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