Why I Want to Become a Biochemist

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The work of biochemists defines the environment around us and provides new ideas, experiments and solutions to problems we have to face in order to help us understand how life works. Biochemistry covers a range of scientific disciplines such as genetics, microbiology, forensics and medicine which are the reasons why I would like to study Biochemistry and become a Biochemist. I enjoy the application of maths due to its challenge, clarity and being able to find a solution to problems gives great satisfaction. I have enjoyed the application of Maths and problem solving during which I took part in a National Maths Challenge. Studying Biochemistry will enhance my interest in the formation and operations of biological molecules.

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I am interested in both the practical and theoretical study of biochemistry during which I took part in the Clare Hall Scheme in the summer of 2014 where I had the opportunity to work alongside institute scientists and gain experience of the laboratory environment. Various work experiences and events have been influential in my decision to become a biochemist. In April 2014, I carried out a one-week placement at Vantage Pharmacy. This gave me an insight on the responsibilities of a pharmacist and the knowledge needed to help patients. In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to be a part of the Brilliant Club where we were given tasks and assignments to complete. From this I learnt one main lesson which was that all types of scientists work together every day and it is useful to have an understanding of the other disciplines.

In the summer term of year 12 I participated in a day long biochemical course at the University of Canterbury, Kent. This really allowed me to feel what a university atmosphere would be like and also to experience lectures, tutorials and general university life. I also took part in a day long Chemistry course at Coventry University. This was an invaluable experience as we visited laboratories and carried out experiments. During the course of year 11, I also took part in a number of taster courses at Queen Mary.

I am subscribed to ChemNet an online subscription to help keep me up to date on current developments in the Science world. This has allowed me to attend events and tours giving me a great insight into the world of chemistry. This has confirmed my desire to study Biochemistry.

I have developed leadership, teamwork and communication skills in my extra curricular activities: I play netball in my spare time and have a part time job where I work with a large team of people which has helped me to understand the importance of working with others under high pressure circumstances. Balancing these pastimes with my school life has enhanced my organisational and time management skills. Working at the Greenvale School has given me experience in dealing with a diverse range of people, including those with learning difficulties. I was also the head manager in my school dance production.

Seeing and experiencing all the work that gets put into a dance production has changed my views as I now realise that the how much responsibility and effort it takes. I am certain that biochemistry is the right course for me because not only will it fulfil my interest in science, but also help me achieve my long term goal of becoming a Biochemist. I am looking forward to extending my knowledge and developing my analytical and research skills in order to reach my full potential. I think that I have the necessary personal skills to be successful in it and go on to become an Excellent Biochemist.

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