Why I Want to Build a Career in Mechanical Engineering

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Why I Want to Build a Career in Mechanical Engineering

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The world of automobile has enlivened my dreams from childhood. My love for automobiles began when I met at age of 8, my aunty who runs a lively garage. I once visited her garage. I had seen men working under car and getting their hands dirty. I was astonished by their work and their effort they put in for repairing the automotive. I wondered whether girls can handle cars. I asked the same question to my aunt and she encouraged me that made it easy at an early age for me to pursue my education in the field of Engineering. The Masters program in your University will enrich me with technical soundness to supplement my undergraduate course.

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I completed my SSC from Kennedy high school with 88%. I was the Head girl of my school and was very active in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. An eager participant in many martial art events,. I also took active participation in many science fairs. In my 7th grade, when I was given a science project to work I decided to do something in the area of mechanical and that turned into actions. At that point I decided that, amidst mechanical is going to be my world of work. As my mind was always into engineering, I chose Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my stream of further study. I completed my Intermediate from Sri Chaitanya Junior college with 88%. Continuous knowledge gain of scientific theories, inventions, discoveries, machineries and the physics around me laid a path which helped me to take a direction in choosing Mechanical Engineering.

I got a seat in Malla Reddy Engineering College, one of the best Engineering Colleges in the state of Telangana, India. I considered this as an opportunity to translate my passion for Mechanical Engineering to reality. The 1st year of engineering subjects like Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics proved me right. I was given a chance to think like an engineer. With lot of passion and enthusiasm I stepped into 2nd year where real mechanical engineering begins. Many subjects like automobile engineering, thermal engineering, design of machine members, kinematics of machinery, heat transfer fascinated me. I scored best in those subjects too.

I had my first industrial exposure in 3rd year of graduation where I was given a chance to do my mini project in one of leading thermal power station in India i.e. ANDHRA PRADESH POWER GENERATION CORPORATION LIMITED (APGENCO). A thermal power station is known as power plant in which the prime mover is steam drive. Water is made to enter into the system and then heated, later which turns into the steam. The steam spins in a steam turbine which efforts an electrical generator. A two-week industrial visit and mini project has given me the exposure to reality of mechanical engineering. I was given a chance to interact with engineer working for that company and got to know about it.

Next, I underwent industrial training in BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS PRIVATE LIMITED (BHEL) which also helped me to go through designing and production process. During the course of engineering, I did not limit myself to a particular area of mechanical engineering. I participated in workshops like Robotics, the art of making robots, machines that combine concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Creating our own robot will help us practically learn how engineering is applied. Automobile and IC engine mainly focus from Basics to Advanced concepts in Automobile Engineering. It covers chassis design, working of Suspension unit, Steering System, Braking unit and I also learned CAD, CREO, CATIA, and ANSYS during my undergraduate studies.

Besides academics, I also participated in various activities conducted on campus and off campus like paper presentation and various seminars. I also participated in a sport event fencing held in JNTUH University. I am also an ASME member. I have conducted and organized various events during college fests. Being coordinator I had conducted technical quiz. As a part of summer internship, I worked in PARAMOUNT AUTOBAY SERVICES as an Intern. I realized that the workshop was constantly upgraded with latest equipment with yet trained employees delivering quality, service being the priority. There, I attended practical sessions about various processes involved in automobile like cooling system lubrication system. Also, I gained in-depth knowledge about various parts of engine; I was involved with assembling and disassembling as well and gained practical knowledge of the automotive sector. My Professor always told us that without making your hands dirty we cannot learn actual work. I put in my heart and soul in learning the concepts as a part of theoretical lessons which helped me to apply when I was practically dealing with machines during my project work.

My academic project is titled POWER GENERATION USING TWO WHEELER SILENCER. In this project we generate electrical power as non-conventional method by vehicle silencer. Power generation using vehicle silencer needs no fuel input power to generate the output of electrical power, and project using simple mechanism such as alternator and silencer. The generations of electricity using the flow or velocity of vehicle exhaust gas of the following components to fulfill the requirements of complete operation of the machine are 1. Dynamo 2. Turbine 3. Battery 4. Engine. From the study, it has been identified that there are large potentials of energy savings through the use of waste heat recovery technologies. Waste heat recovery entails capturing and reusing the waste heat from internal combustion engine and using it for heating or generating mechanical or electrical work. It would also help to recognize the improvement in performance and emissions of the engine if these technologies were adopted by the automotive manufacturers. The study also identified the potentials of the technologies when incorporated with other devices to maximize potential energy efficiency of the vehicles. The project carried out by us made an impressing task in the field of mechanical department. It is used to produce the current in vehicle exhaust unit. This project has also reduced the cost involved in the concern. Project has been designed to perform the entire requirement task which has also been provided.

Through MS program, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance, characteristic of diverse culture. It would also help me to learn global standards in this field and become aware of the worldwide competition, which I consider would be a great help for me to make a strong contribution in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

My career objective is to enhance my knowledge and capabilities seeking a challenging and growth oriented career in the field of Engineering where I am able to uncap my potential and utilize the skills which I acquire, to the fullest. My ambition is to complete my master’s degree and to pursue PhD in the same field. The master’s program in will provide me with technical soundness to supplement my undergraduate course. In the long run, I would like to dedicate myself in research in the same field.

The reputation that Technische Universität Kaiserslautern carries with it was sufficient to make me opt it for my Masters. As the university is located in the very heart of the automotive industry, students benefit greatly from the close links to the technological and industrial leaders situated in the area. Campus is brimming with activities. The Master of Science in Commercial Vehicle Technology provides an amalgamation of Technical as well as essential management related courses, which are commensurate to my interests. The curriculum is well structured and this will also help me balance my interests. In addition to this the opportunity for interdisciplinary research is widely promoted by the university which keenly interests me and urges me to deliver my best in this field. I believe that my keen interest for study, project, achievements and strong academic background in the areas of Commercial Vehicle technology will be beneficial for my graduate studies and research. I am sure to put in the best of my efforts to learn and create a niche for myself and come out in flying colors from the university.

I look forward to a challenging career in research which may even be arduous and demanding at times but I am confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing research developments and live up to the high standards expected off your university. Given an opportunity, I shall strive to channel my unbridled efforts into more productive avenues. With so many experienced professors and an excellent learning environment, I earnestly wish to join in this prestigious university. I am sure to put in the best of my efforts to learn and create a niche for myself and come out in flying colors from the university.

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