My Career Goals in Healthcare Administration: Future Perspectives

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My Career Goals in Healthcare Administration: Future Perspectives

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The career path that I had in mind is slightly different from when I began college. Initially, I wanted to major in Business without clear understanding where that would lead me in my career path. My job experience has made me realize my strength and this career was a match to my interest and my personality. Although, it’s not very far from what I had in mind initially, this is more focused and specific career path.

Healthcare Administration should typically have skills such as, communication and Relationship Management, Leadership, Professionalism, Knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills. This profession can work in medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing home and physicians’ offices. The goal in this career is be able to work with physicians, nurses, knowledge in medical procedures, be able to improve efficiency and quality in delivering effective services.

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I am very sure this career best fits my personality. Even as a teenager working at a doctor’s office, by helping nurses, office manager, and office facilities had given me a great joy being able to organize their tasks to make their job easier and being able to help patience’s with their health insurance for per-approval any procedures that they might need. Now in my adult years, I continue to do the same, which is inspiring to me. I enjoy the idea of being a problem solver.

This career has many advantages and many disadvantages. In my personal view, biggest problem that I see is becoming too wrapped up in work of others. I have a habit of trying help everyone with their tasks, this might create a hurdle to focus on my own job in a time fashion. This would be something that I need to overcome in my professional career. My biggest strength/ advantage would be being in a career that I find it fulfilling and rewarding.

I can honestly say that the pay for my professional choice is very rewarding, I am happy to learn that it pays my bills and being able to save some money for my retirement. The average annual wage for a Healthcare Administrator in California is $96,540 per year, which breaks down to roughly $46.41 an hour. This will help me to live a decent life anywhere in California. The growth of this career job outlook is definitely positive, it is estimated an increase of 20%. Just in 2016 number of jobs that was available was 352,200.

Typical day for Healthcare Administrator is long hours, depending on the type of field I choose work within the healthcare industry. Physician’s office average work hours will be 40 -50 hours a week. If it is a Hospital or Home healthcare it can average about 50 – 60 hours a week or may be more. Hospital and Home healthcare focuses on charity work, scheduling meeting with physicians, nurses and staff members, budgeting, marketing and making sure Hospital and Home Healthcare are meeting Occupational safety and Health Administration. Whereas private physician’s office everything is scheduled during the office hours.

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