Why I Want to Obtain a Master’s in International Management

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  • Expectations
  • Personal Strength
  • Work Experience

In Africa following your dreams is impossible. Parents forge educational paths for their children that they think it will be easy to get a job after graduating from high school or University. I had to stop my education after graduating from high. This was to get a job and help my parents out by taking care of my younger ones financially. I was recruited by the main power utility company in my country as an Electrical Lineman. I worked for almost 8 years took care of my younger ones and also saved for my studies. During my period as an electrical lineman, I started developing the interest in management since we were being offered some crash courses in Customer services, work management, and leadership.

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I expect to be able to contribute to the running of a business or an organization. A master’s in International management will give me an in-depth into business concepts studied during my degree which are required in organizations. This will give graduates like me high possibilities of employment or being entrepreneurial. A business school like yours has links with local and national businesses which will us the Students to get to intern, thereby having a taste of how some of the concepts are applied in real situations. After completing my master’s degree, this will be like a stepping stone into Finance, HR, project management and corporate social responsibility. I would have acquired the understanding and all that is needed to do international business in this 21st century. Your university will help me develop, manage and lead by combining various through the multidisciplinary approach.

Africa remains the only continent that has experienced steady growth for almost a decade. This has caused a lot of multination to rush in with FDI's that have come in either through partnership and sole ownership. This has open business opportunities for individuals, companies as well as governments in doing business internationally. With the untapped opportunities in Africa, there can never be a better moment to be prepared with the necessary tools to part of the business trend. With the knowledge and would have acquired after my master’s degree, I will be prepared for the challenges in the business world.

There are subjects that come under the business management classifications. These modules might include:

International Trade: This entails the exchange of goods and services, capital across countries. These represent a big part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in most countries.

Human Resource Management: HRM is the part of a business that deals with peoples motivation, leadership, learning, and personal development.Operations: it evolves supply chain management, product development, and logistics.

Finance: The concepts of bookkeeping, financial accounting including profit and loss balance sheet, and the trading of stocks.

Economics: The economic modules look at how external factor that impact the business and subjects such as demand and supply.

Personal Strength

There is a wider range of strengths graduate students need to be successful during their course of studies and after graduating. I am enthusiastic. I get up every morning knowing that every day comes with its own challenges and it's with enthusiasm that I overcome these challenges know that tomorrow always comes as another chance given to me to correct the mistakes of the former. I am a team player, I listen to and respect the viewpoints of others. Taking up new challenges helps me to think critically solve problems.

Work Experience

As mentioned above, I started working as an electrical lineman after graduating from high school. I worked for close to eight years before traveling to South Korea for further studies. Was as an electrical lineman was an interesting experience which helped me develop my personal skills. I started off just an electrician and ended as a Lockout offer and team leader. The primary role as a lineman is to install maintain and repair electrical lines and systems. Repairing both overhead and underground cables and wires. Working as a lineman electrician entails a lot of risk taking. To have work been a good lineman, I had to develop good analytic skills, communication skills, team spirit, problem-solving skills, and strong work ethic.

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