Why I Want to Pursue a Cardiologist Job

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Why I Want to Be a Cardiologist Essay

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In this essay I will describe the reasons why I want to be a cardiologist. There are hundreds of different jobs in this world you can go to school for. Some are harder work than others, some earn more money than others, and some require more school. The job that I want to pursue in is a cardiologist, which is in the medical field. I have always wanted to be a cardiologist since fourth grade when my dad had a heart attack at such a young age. It was his cardiologist at Lexington medical hospital who inspired me to become a cardiologist.

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Reasons to Want to Be a Cardiologist

When you think “cardio” most people think of the heart. Cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in finding, preventing, and treating heart and blood vessel diseases. People will go to see them also if they have chest pain, shortness in breath, dizziness, high blood pressure or any other signs of heart problem. They will do the tests and sometimes do some procedures including heart catheterizations, angioplasty, or inserting a pacemaker. The cardiac surgeon is the one who opens the chest and performs the surgery.

There are some jobs that are more needed than others or in other words in high demand. For example teachers, they are the foundation of the next generation and many are needed everywhere and nurses. The demand for cardiologist has gone up 10% in the past 5 years and is expected to increase another 20% by 2025. There are a lot more people with heart problems now then there was many years ago therefore more cardiologists are needed. This country has become more and more unhealthy over the years and by eating all of these junk foods and fast food it causes people to be obese and that leads to potential heart problems.

Over the past 20 years the salary for cardiologist has had a major increase. In the 1900s doctors charged patients per procedure. Sometimes they were not paid very often with cash, they were paid with whatever service or good the patient had available. In the early 2000s the average salary for a cardiologist ranged from $353,000- $392,000. In 2010 in increased to $470,000 and now in 2018 it averages about $512,000. This job is becoming more and more evolved over the years and the paid is steadily increasing.


There is a lot of work and school that comes before becoming a cardiologist and being able to make lots of money. You must first earn a bachelor's degree, take the MCAT, then apply for medical school. Medical school will last about four years, after those four years you will take part in a residency program. You will get to study under the supervision of physicians, cardiologists have to attend internal medicine residencies which will last 3 years. Last, you will have to attend a fellowship program where you will continue to work with physicians and get advance training.

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