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Biomedical sciences is what I like to call “the backbone of medicine”, where a doctor diagnoses the patients, a lab technologists will be carrying out the tests to support the diagnosis. Both a doctor and a lab technologist need to work together in order to provide the best care for their patients. What made me go into this field was how fast growing it is and the wide range of career options. lets breakdown the name biomedical sciences bio relating to the studies of biology, medical relating to all the specialities we will be studying and lastly sciences which is basically the chemistry and related sciences. As an undergraduate we will be studying the human body in detail which has always been my area of interest.

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This past year I took a gap year to decide what I should study, from the beginning I wanted to take a medical route it has always been my dream to work in a hospital and help people, I started watching medical tv shows and documentaries on scientists and coming from a science based knowledge and a great love for biology, I started looking into this program, watching videos of this course and contacted a few friends who were already studying it. When I got a little breakdown of the course I knew this was it. I looked into the career opportunity and the demand which was relatively high, and finding out that there was only one university in the entire UAE that offered this program just further confirmed it. My mother always wanted one of us siblings to go into medical field, Although both my brothers ended up doing what they love, I’m very excited to fulfil this dream of my mother. When I discussed about it with my family everyone supported me and encouraged further more.

Moreover another important reason for me to choose this program was for its research, scientific research has always been very fascinating to me. I want to go into the medical field and know more about how its done and understand it better and hopefully one day come up with my own researches. Making discoveries that will further help in medicine will always be the goal, I hope to learn from my seniors and work with them to treat new diseases in the future. Although this is a great field for me any course a person willing to study should be dominated by their own interest and not someone else.

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