Why I Want to Study Economics and Politics


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Having been born in the UK, with parents from India, a country where an uneven distribution of income is common, I have encountered both the privileges within Europe and the poverty existing in India. Such differences have driven me to seek an understanding of the forces that steer the world economy, leading me to desire to understand the Political and Economic forces that have influenced the development of nation states.

Over the past year, I have been keeping up to date with key economic issues by reading the Times Magazine and newspapers such as The Guardian. In addition to this, my A-Level subjects have aided my understanding in many aspects of Economics. By studying A-level Psychology, I have been able to develop a deeper understanding of how cognitive factors are involved in decision making. This elevated my interest in behavioral economics as it led me to question why people behave irrationally whilst knowing it does not maximize their output and how in real life situations supply and demand are dictated by psychological factors such as choice and preference. Psychology has further helped me develop the skills of writing with clarity and precision. Biology has given me a practical and logical way of thinking, along with the ability to apply knowledge in experimental work whilst refining my skills in drawing results from scientific evidence and teaching me the importance of precise attention to detail.

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Work experience at Bell and Clements gave me the opportunity to use economics outside of the classroom. During the week I worked in all departments involved with insurance broking and stocks. This experience of visiting multiple sites and spending a day in Lloyd’s of London led me to understand the importance of market-based relationships as well as providing me with the chance to develop my team work and problem-solving skills.

Outside of my academic life, I partake in charity and cultural events. I also teach dance to children aged 4-16. Such experiences have developed my planning skills, patience and the ability to present ideas to large groups. Through juggling academic life beside performing in dance shoots and shows, I have developed the skill to time manage and work under pressure. As well as, boosting my confidence and allowing me to express my creativity. Besides this, I also took part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) which allowed me to improve my leadership, public-speaking skills. The program also developed my communication skills within a team, allowing me to work alongside others in large groups. NCS has also provided me with the opportunities to attend various workshops such as a Goldman Sachs workshop which taught me about motivation and allowed me to gain extra knowledge about money management.

Uncertain of what the future may hold during economic developments, I am fortunate to be able to study subjects which are so relevant in today’s society. At a time when both economics and politics are so vital, I will regard my degree as being the start of a process where I intend to strengthen my understanding on the ideas of economists and politicians and hope to show the importance of these topics in the future, something that I believe is vital in the workings of the world.

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