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The whole world has experienced remarkably high and stable technological growth for more than 20 years since computers became widespread in ordinary families. As a result of changes in technology and computer sectors, professionals who can deal creatively with computer science problems and even bring new blood in this field are in great need. Moreover, I was attracted by computer since I was in junior high school. After I owned my first computer when I was fifteen, I was addicted to its constitution and started to work out the upgrade of its properties. In my opinion, computer is not only a kind of machine, but also an artwork; not only a science, but also an art. It is an organic combination of scientific and artistic. Thus, I choose computer as my lifetime career, hoping to become a prominent expert in the field of computer.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. I am a person who would like to make full preparation before doing a thing. I finally made the decision after careful consideration, which was that I should not give up my own interest and dream. Finally, I decided to study in computer from the first year, because I considered that I could benefit a lot from the foundational courses and it was easier for me to integrate with the studying and living atmosphere in America. On the one hand, I tried my best to finish the courses of my current major. On the other hand, I read a lot of computer books in English to improve both my computer knowledge and get familiar to many professional terms in English.

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And it is my fortune that my outgoing and warmhearted personality provides me more opportunities and space to display my strong hands-on skills and communications skills while assembling computers with my schoolmates. After I successfully assembled a new graphics card and solid state disk in my computer, I was asked to help my schoolmates in solving problems on their computers. During my college life, I helped plenty of students and even teachers. From then on, I began to receive affirmative feedbacks from schoolfellows and teachers as for my hands-on ability and knowledge about computer.

After careful consideration and investigation, I determine to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer in your esteemed university. I was deeply attracted by your faculties, your sophisticated facilities and your pleasant campus, all these reasons contributed to my fondness of your university. Young as I am, I will maximize my time and endeavor to make greater achievements. With a firm confidence, I believe I will not disappoint you if I could be admitted into your program. With the dream to be a computer professional in the future, I sincerely hope that your admission officers could see my potentials in the field of computer, and give me the opportunity to take your program.

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