Why Intercultural Communication is Important


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Communication is a foundation of human relationship. It main purpose is to sending a message or information among people accurately. However, there are many way of communication used frequently between you and I every day. Verbal communication, non-verbal communication, written communication, visualization. Communication is a part of being human. All creatures communicate but only human able to communicate through writing and speech and so on. The way of human communicate make us differentiate out from other creatures that we are special, intelligent and the unique one in the Earth.

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From 15th January 2018 to 25th January 2018, our family vacationed in Japan. This was my first time travel to Japan before it I was a little bit worried so I prepared an instant translate application in my smartphone just in case. I felt impressive about Japanese’s etiquette. Japan well known as a land of courtesy and propriety. Sometimes, we might felt embarrassed that their way to treat us as a strangers like close friends like they generally did to anyone around them. I found the common thing every-time when we enjoyed our meal at any restaurants, waitress always explain with patient and smile on their face on every questions that we asked. However, we tasted many famous authentic foods like Sushi, Ramen, Sashimi and we even tasted McDonalds. A very rare of the authentic food we were not used to.

In addition, we rented a homestay as our temporary shelter. The owner is a Chinese and stayed at Japan for 10 years, seems like she affected by the Japan culture and I felt she was totally difference as a Chinese based on her behavior. For me, the impression of Chinese usually always shouting but she is not like that. She makes me felt comfortable and amiable just like other Japanese that I meet until now. On the other hand, a very few of people makes me felt selfish and uneducated based on their behavior that I had experienced. Kaminarimon well known as thunder gate part of Tokyo. It is one of the famous temples so there are many stalls at there to attract the tourists. I was attracted by a tiny toy on one stall. There was very cloudy as well as there were too many tourists and I was forced to stand beside a bit another stall but the stall owner was driving us very badly, said this is not your stall you blocked my stall. Moreover, another experience was happened at MRT station, a women was pushing all the way to cut queue with impatient tone even though it is not on peak hour. Luckily, no one was injured in this incident.

Some of the people might not understand what we tried to express because English is the only language that we can used to communicate, but mostly they would not give up easily until they know what you tried to say.

Social code

Our behavior inadvertently offends the canons of etiquette, especially for a courtesy and propriety country. It is a shame if we threw or accidentally dropped our rubbish out of street so do as leaved the food tray after finished meal. We all did that accidentally, all the behavior above is very common in my home country but we cannot do at Japan. Indeed, we were facing many problems just to express ourselves when we communicate to people as well as often felt like a barrier between us. The reasons we wanted to know after we realized we did something wrong based on their code.

Difference in cultures

There was some cuisine that I personally cannot accept, that is sashimi due to it served as totally raw but on the other hand, the sashimi was a very symbolic cuisine in Japan, but here was the one thing I felt from the chef was passion and enthusiastic on every single dish they served to their customer. Honestly, even McDonald we felt difference and the food was like given a spirit that tasted much better compared to our home country McDonald.

Before we travel to other country we should learn basic sentence to at least able handle most of the circumstances. Not to mention, this is such no harm for knowing more language. We should keep an eye on other people so that we would not missed out the important etiquette carelessly. We should just understand and be prepare for those etiquette especially for those land of courtesy and propriety country. This is just showing our respect and also represents our country and showing our first impression to them. In addition, we can be an educated person as we understand many of the country social code and we perform it. There is a one sentence ‘Do in Rome as the Romans do’.

Understand what kind of food we are never eat and try to avoid waste and disrespect to the person who served us but we can sincerely appreciate for what chef prepare for us. However, some serious taboo behavior in Japan regarding Japanese cultural beliefs should definitely avoided.

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