Why Internet Access Must Be Limited to Students

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Why Internet Access Must Be Limited to Students

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The Internet is one of the best open surges of information and learning. Students could relax and playing during learning on internet. So much, in fact, that students of all grades are able to use laptops in class. However, with these advancements comes with a price. Student use internet so much and affect from the bad websites. In this essay, we will discuss why the internet must be limited and give some opinion on this issue.

Negative Impact on Relationships and Mentality

One of the biggest problems of internet that we need to limit is the wastes time of students on it. According to Mater Sociomed (2016), “Internet addiction may have serious consequences such as changing the lifestyle in order to spend more time on the internet, ignoring the individual health and main activities, reducing the social relationships, ignoring the family and friends, and finally, financial, educational, and physical problems”. the students use inter net from the morning till night before bed or get out of bed and not to pay attention to the family make some student hardly to talk with their family because they are always online on the internet and get addict to it so they losing their focus to study . There is an arcticle in 2018, told that it is a student named Nguyen Thi Minh Anh in Viet Nam, Hanoi go to mental hospital because she spend too much time online to Facebook and now she is in the process of treatment according to Zing newspaper. another case is even lead to death because of playing video games on the internet too long is the case of students name Chuang in Taiwan playing video game almost two day without eating and finally he collapsed and die according to Daily mail newspaper. Students cannot succeed in their studies and control their mental if we don’t take action on their access to the internet.

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Pornography Websites, Bad websites

Student can’t fall to porno websites, videos on internet when they researching the information. these websites and video can affect the mentality of the student and teach them make love with a girl or may be worse is rape women and cause crimes. Action porno already widely reported in the print and electronic media about sexual crimes caused by the internet, especially those that occur through social networking site Facebook, the victims are usually women of school age, easily offender abducted, molested and even raped the victim. They has raised that most crimes related to rape are caused by the internet and victims are usually women of school age. These crimes is the strong reason to limit internet access to student of the government to avoid the unfortunate occurrence furthermore, the young students look for sites to chat with strangers so they easy to abuse by these “sexual predators” mean that the bad guys look for young students to take advantage and have bad intentions. Katherine Kam (2007) said that “While sexual predators have targeted children in chat rooms, they migrate to wherever young people go online” and they pretend to have the same hobbies with these students and become friend with them and finally have a lot of Missing and Exploited young students case in Alexandria, Virginia.

Physical effects

Students use the internet as much as they like it and become more passive and not interesting other things. According to Kalaya Daraha (2013), “over 50 percent of those who had used the Internet for less than 1 year play a sport game (51. 9%) and approximate 1 of 10 of them loved sitting in front of the computer screen to play computer games or surf the Internet (11. 4%); while the students having used the Internet for 4 years up possessed the higher proportion of computer games and Internet lovers (40.7%) than sport lovers (29. 4%)”. Thus, Internet very effect to their hobbies and it can dominate every activity make students feel lazy and become weaker, Kalaya Daraha also found that more than 50% student use internet so much can be lead to muscle or back pain even with eyes (sore, red, dry, watery, itchy and gritty eyes), in which Students using computers over 4 years are more likely to suffer from eye diseases. This shows that physical impact is also important for students.

Social Effect

Using internet to long may be relate to students problem social isolation and communicate. Zhengzhou(2011) found that students spend less time to personal relationships or learn from social activities and events have poor academic performance and are easily quarantined from their friends and have poor communication skills to create relationships. Internet instead of helping students get more connected by social networks but now was blamed for diminished face-to-face communications and message misinterpretations. The internet is praise as a tool to meet people and develop relationships but if students’ attention is too much in social network and lack of face to face communication in the real world, it will have a negative impact on their life. Student should face to face communicate outside to get more communication skills and have more or develop relation ships


Because of many popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., when student have a test, they could use these search engine to cheating easily or they send messages to ask each other. This may affect the quality of the test because it does not show the student's true ability. The Ministry of Education has realized and try to deal with it by not allow students to bring the phone into the examination room. However, the cheating can still happen in several ways that are out of the control. Ashley Kenpper (2018) said “If we can limit their access to the internet, or even turning it off during tests, could increase the students’ attention in school and possibly help them achieve better grades“. Therefore, changing and develop access internet can raising their awareness and prevent this problem cheating when taking a test.

In addition, some students are hacking to hack into the school websites of the teachers to find answers for homework assignments or even to change grades. According to Catalin Cimpapu (2017) “In November, the FBI arrested a former University of Iowa student for hacking his alma mater and changing grades on 90 different occasions”. Here are some serious cases to warn that the internet must be limited to student for the government


The internet access must be limited to students if we want to school as safe place to learn for student, their research will be really safe and they will focus more on learning and what happens on social networking sites will not hurt them because they deserve good things in the outside world instead of social networking sites In addition, they will not be abused by bad sites or bad guys are waiting to be available on the site. Once again, make outdoor activities for students make them interact each other to be able to create a better world and not be negatively affected by the internet.

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