The Importance of the Weapon Case on the Weapon's State

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Immediately after buying a gun, the hunter should take care of the choice of a case for him. After all, a properly selected case or weapon case is not just a convenient accessory. This is the same thing first. Necessities such as cartridge belt, lubricant and weapon cleaning kit. First, it protects your weapon. During transport, the case softens shaking, shock and other mechanical effects. When carried outdoors, it protects the gun from moisture, dust and dirt. Secondly, you can carry military weapons in public places only in a case. Often it is necessary to get to the places of hunting by public transport or on foot through populated areas. The kind of open arms can excite people and attract intruders, so the boot is important for your own safety.

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There are different types of covers and they differ in price, material production, size, purpose, type of weapon. But in the first place, covers are usually classified according to rigidity into three types: soft, semi-rigid and hard. Let us examine in more detail each of them. Soft weapon covers are usually made of durable and lightweight fabric. Inside, they can be lined with fine foam, velvet, flannel or other similar material. Such models are primarily intended for carrying weapons directly during hiking on hunting grounds. Soft covers will not save from serious mechanical damage, they will not soften shocks and falls. At best, they will protect from minor scratches and scuffs. Their main advantage is their low weight and the ability to fold, so if necessary, such a case can be easily rolled up and put in a backpack, bag or even a pocket. Mainly soft covers are designed for foot hunters, making large transitions. They perfectly protect the weapon from dust, dirt and moisture. Special attention is paid to waterproofing even if the hunter gets in the rain, the weapon will remain dry for several hours. It is also important that the movement with uncovered weapons during spring hunting is prohibited in hunting grounds. They can be made of dense fabric or leather, but unlike soft analogs, they retain their shape. The relative stiffness of such covers gives a layer of reinforced foam. It protects the weapon from mechanical impact, softens blows and shaking.

At the same time, such a case weighs significantly less than rigid models. The inner surface is also finished with a soft cloth. This is a great option for those who hunt with optics, but at the same time forced to overcome long distances. The protective layer reliably protects the adjusted sight from shocks, impacts and temperature drops, and the low weight allows to overcome sufficiently long distances. In this case, the cover will still take place and it will not turn out to be rolled up and put into a backpack. In conclusion, choosing a weapon cover or bag is not an easy task. You have to consider a number of factors and options. As mentioned above, you need to take into consideration these important factors before understanding the importance of weapon covers and gun bags.

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