Why is Climate Change Important for Our Planet

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Climate change is one of the most important issues facing us today. Climate change has become a worldwide issue that has caused a lot of controversies. “Often climate change refers specifically to the rise in global temperatures from the mid 20th century to present”. Many major problems come with climate change: for example, natural disasters becoming much more powerful, natural resources being affected, and the ocean and air pollution. Researchers care about making the problem become less of what it is now. The only way the climate change problem can be solved is if we all take precautions and act. Throughout the years the problem will most likely become worse than it already is. If everyone was on the same page and understood the problem, there would be a huge change in our environment, and we would not have to worry about living things dying out or becoming extinct.

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Besides, there are so many amazing non- profit organizations such as The Greenpeace organization, working to stop climate change around the world. The Greenpeace organization is an organization that uses peaceful protest to promote solutions. “Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action”. Just like there are big international organizations, small local organizations exist as well. Every organization has started small and became bigger because people join the movement. Some people fear to speak about situations like climate change but everyone’s voice matters. That is why these organizations exist to show that you are not alone and your voice matters. At the moment the worst-case scenario is a mass extinction that can occur, but we are still far from that. That is why it is important to act while we still can make a change. Researchers studied and found that the biggest mass extinction that occurred was tied to climate change. “New research from the University of Washington and Stanford University combines models of ocean conditions and animal metabolism with published lab data and palaeoceanographic records to show that the Permian mass extinction in the oceans was caused by global warming that left animals unable to breathe”.

Most importantly, climate change scientists are thinking of ways to help us make a change. Humanity should be the ones to care the most because climate change will end up affecting them most. No one should feel selfish for wanting what is best for our environment. Finding solutions for climate change is not a one-person job. If the world tried to work together so many new ideas and inventions would out and make a big change. There are already places around the world that have created different projects that help the environment and make it a better place. Finding solutions to make a change and spread awareness is what is best to help the planet. Most people around the world are still unaware of what is even happen to the environment. Most people believe that climate change isn’t real, or it isn’t going to affect anything. Even with so much evidence that as already came out people just avoid the problem. “The evidence comes from direct measurements of rising surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures and phenomena such as increases in average global sea levels, retreating glaciers, and changes to many physical and biological systems”.

To solve these problems all at once, we must demand change from those in power, do what we can to live in a greener lifestyle, follow organizations, and be part of protecting Earth. There are so many ways to act yourself. The everyday choices we make will determine whether we succeed or fail to save the future of our planet because it is in our hands after all. Climate change is important because the earth is depending on the people to make a change and have a healthy environment for many years to come. Taking action now will save everyone from so much damage that is to come. The people in power hate to see that things to combat climate change are being done because most people in power do not care about the topic. They think of climate change as a thing to just brush off, because to them nothings affecting us. “climate Change in the United States: Benefits of Global Action, estimates the physical and monetary benefits to the U.S. of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The report shows that global action on climate change will significantly benefit Americans by saving lives and avoiding costly damages across the U.S. economy”.

In conclusion, we understand exactly, why climate change is important today. Climate change has become a global issue that has caused a lot of controversies because the ones who don’t take the problem seriously like to talk down on the ones who believe in the problem. That is why everyone needs to take matters into their own hands and make a change. No matter how big or small the change in your life will be the everyone will still make a change as one. People need to understand that they also have the power to take a stand and make their voices heard. Many significant problems come with climate change; for example, natural disasters becoming much more powerful, natural resources become depleted, the oceans getting toxic, and the air becoming more polluted. Researchers care about making the problem becoming less drastic for future generations than what it is now. The only way the climate change problem can be solved is if we all take precautions and act towards making significant changes. If everyone were on the same page and understood the current difficulties, there would be a considerable change in not so much reversing the present damage on the environment, but rather on containing the damage as a preventative measure. As observed from the various arguments, currently available on the matter, we would have to worry about the limited number of living things, like wildlife dying out and becoming extinct, like the Amur leopard, Amur Tiger, Asian Elephant, Blue Whale and so many more wildlife species being affected.  

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