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Between the years 1300 and 1600 was when europe started to look for inspiration. To find this inspiration they looked at when Greece and Rome were at the height of their empires. The Catholic Church was corrupt which faced many problems. There were people brave to face these problems that the church had caused. The Protestant Reformation led to many things happening. Many people had changed their ideologies once they had saw the truth.

In this time period, the church had power and was able to make decisions for the country. People would look to the church for guidance and ask for forgiveness for the sins they had done. The church would take advantage of the people that needed help hoping to gain something out them and enrich themselves. The church would sell indulgences, which is a piece of paper that says your sin is forgiven. People then started to question why you had to pay to be forgiven.

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The Protestant Reformation was a major 16th century European movement which aimed at changing the way that the catholic system functioned. Martin Luther, the most recognizable in The Protestant Reformation, didn’t agree with how the church would use their power for their own personal gain. John Calvin’s ideas were similar to Martin Luther’s belief and ideas of how the Catholic Church should be runned and how you are forgiven for your sins. The difference between these two were how you would get to the after-life, John Calvin believed that the minute you were born, god had already decided where you were going. On the other hand Martin Luther believed in Salvation, to attain salvation you have to have faith.

The Protestant Reformation brought about two different types of Christians the established Catholic church and the Protestant churches. Catholics believed that the bible should be left in the language it was originally, which was latin. But Protestants believed it should be in the language of the people. Catholics believe priest were linked to god and and were special and were expected to live their life devoted to their lord and savior, but then Protestants believed they were ordinary people with ordinary lives. Because of the Protestant Reformation it changed many religious beliefs, practises, culture and society of Christians in Europe.

For europe to find inspiration they had to look at Greece and Rome when they were at the height of their civilizations. People lost faith in the church due to its corruption. Fortunately a little movement led to many changes happening. Some of these changes were caused by people courageous enough to stand up to the church. Thus the Protestant Reformation was created and caused many changes to happen to Europe.

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