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The Importance of Crevecoeur's What Is an American to Current Generation

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Crevecoeurs “What is an American,” is so important to us today because it hold such a big part of history. The author describes America as being an extremely noble place to live. The author kind of introduced how big on a melting pot America was at this time. As the author states, “The next wish of this traveler will be to know whence came all these people? They are a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish, French, Dutch, Germans, and Swedes. ”

They had immigrants coming far and near, and everyone wanted to be a part of this country. People were coming for all different reasons, but mostly better opportunities for them and their families. I think that this document also just summed up what it actually means to be a true American. This is so important to us because today America is still a huge “melting pot,” and I think it should be something we are very proud of. Also it is something that makes us so different from other countries. If Franklin were writing a letter today to those who would come to America, what would he say?Benjamin Franklin wrote the document named “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America. ” I think his reasoning behind writing this was to let the Europeans know that America is a hard working country. With that being said letting them know to be about to live in America you had to work hard for what you had.

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I think in colonial times that was something people were proud of and we’re okay with this idea. I think Benjamin Franklin today would definitely let people know coming over that it its easy over here. Us we are the home of the free, and brave but we are a hard working society. He would also want people to know that we are a unified country. Also I think if would let people know that everyone comes from different backgrounds and ethics, but that is what makes America such a free place! “These Ideas prevailing more or less in all the United States, it cannot be worth any Man’s while, who has a means of Living at home, to expatriate himself in hopes of obtaining a profitable civil Office in America. ” In this quote by Benjamin franklin he is justifying that if someone in America needs to work to be able to uphold himself in society.


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