Why is Diversity Important in Communicating and Understanding

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Diversity is one of the main reasons for enhancing team effectiveness. Diverse teams can come up with better ideas and improve the overall organizational environment by making them more welcoming to talent from all groups. A multicultural class has taught me several important things related to working in an organization where diversity prevails. She became better at communicating and understanding what others were saying. Through this chapter, I learned that diversity can lead to thinking outside the box and improving problem-solving skills. While working in varied classrooms, I think I have become a better team member. I sharpened my emotional intelligence.

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Diversity in teams can eliminate any potential limitations as there is no discrimination in this team that looks at the world differently and is useful for generating more creative perspectives, they can work with facts instead of stereotypes and they can easily identify any errors or errors in the process. Management with more diverse groups regularly generates a better return. Thus, in members of international markets who have a background relevant to the countries you deal with, they will provide better comments and comments because he/she is familiar with the cultures of this country and can interact easily with your overseas partners which will enhance the relationship of viewing each other as a team. The diversity of teams can boost employee loyalty and can see each other as examples and mentors in a team (Fraser, 2019)

With the diversity of teams, all students in the class will have different skills and experiences, which add value to their performance, and it is useful to acquire the appropriate skills to fill the different roles in the jobs that students in the class can learn from, each of which leads to the promotion of innovation because more comments and suggestions, Like ideas outside the box, it can facilitate enhancing cooperation within the team.

One of the issues I encountered in this multicultural category was nonverbal communication. Often, manual gestures in one culture are not the same in another. I remained very careful in my class not to attack anyone in the classroom. Social constructs in multicultural classes can be different and difficult to understand. Some cultures do not favor friendships between opposing sexes. 

However, I remained cautious in interacting with others in the early days, and with time, the environment noticed and the experience ended up being a great learning opportunity for the corporate world in the future where I may have to work with a diverse workforce. To understand the signs of nonverbal communication, I must be very committed and try to remember the signals better to be a good communicator.

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