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The Importance of Humanitarian Work with Altruistic Motives

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In life, helping people is very important. Whether if helps you as a person feel better or not, it is very easy for any person to do on a daily basis. It could be as easy as holding the door for someone, letting someone borrow a pencil in class, or even telling someone you like their shoes. No matter how big or how small the favor it can still make a big change in someones day or life.

Simple ways to help someone are things that we do everyday of our lives. Even just saying Please and Thank you, can help change how people view as a person. If you say those to simple words to someone who is helping you they are more likely to help you the next time that you need help. Holding the door for someone is a common thing that most people do on a daily basis, I probably held the door for four different people on my way to lunch and didn’t even consider how much that may help that particular person. When a person is carrying many things and has their arms full they can not open the door by themselves. So out of kindness you help them, and they usually respond with a “thank you.”

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One of my favorite pay it forward moment in my life was donating my hair to a public non-profit organization that provides wigs to kids under the age of twenty one who have suffered from a hair loss due to disease. I had heard of locks of love a long time ago and I knew that someday I would help someone out by giving them my hair. My freshmen year in high school I decided that I was going to cut off 13 inches of my hair. The Locks of Love organization has a minimum of 10 inches. I made an appointment to get my hair cut with a stylist that was able to send my hair to Locks of Love. I was very excited, and it was a huge shock to get that much cut off at once. Locks of Love requires that you hair be bundled in a band or in a braid. Your hair can be dyed, but if your hair is bleached they will not accept your hair. When they cut off my hair they bundled it and sent it off to the the Locks of Love organization. After a few months I got a call from my stylist, she said that I was going to have a chance to meet the girl who got the wig made of my hair. I was so happy that I would get to meet her. Sadly the plans of meeting her did not work out. But I did get to see a picture of her in her wig. This experience still makes me feel happy to this day. I feel like I made a huge impact in that girls life, and it makes me very happy.


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