Why is It Important to Take Risks than to Plan Carefully

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Being successful in the life is always given big interest and attention issue all over the world.The first question that comes to mind when people mention about being successful in normal life is whether taking risks in the way to success is important or not. So why is it important to take risks ? A great number of people assume that taking risks brings success and achievement in real life because of the fact that the secret of accomplishment, besides equipment, power and will, is to be courageous in the parts that cannot be predicted. However, these people seem not to know what the being planned is. It is a tramendous contraversial topic whether planning contributes to success or not. The main and fundamental argument why planning and preparation cautiously are significant on the road to success is the positive effects of being disciplined on human beings.

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It is a well-known fact that behind every success are the right programs and plans. If the targetting and timing processes of the plan and program are well calculated and the energy of person and organization is well done, success surely occurs. First and foremost, careful planning assists to person to analyze his goal more deeply and make realistic goals. Eventhough when risk-taking is considered as a good thing, in reality it is clearly seen that people are not willing to take more risks than they can and also avoiding it. Therefore, it is not expected that success is hidden in an environment surrounded by risks. Instead, acting by calculating risks in a planned organization has a decisive contribution to achieve. In addition, it is distinctly observed that disciplined and planned people are away from stress and therefore their success rate is higher. It can ve referred from that planning every step of life provides people to become easier successful and to reach their goals. Moreover, careful planning teaches people not to compromise their discipline, and find other ways to achieve their aims in case of failure instead of waiting a chance and risk.

Taking everything into consideration, impacts of being planned and disciplines on psychological well-being and achievement a goal is a profound reason why planning carefully is more crucial than to take risks when a person want to be successful. I strongly believe that even though taking risks have some effective and tremendous effects in some situations in our lives, it can also destroy lives and can lead to irrecersible accidents within seconds. Actually, it is seen that this issue is very controversial topic and it will be continued to debate.

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