Why is it so expensive to eat?

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Unfortunately, There is not too much we can do about the rising food cost, We need food to survive. No matter the price, or what we have to do to obtain food, we will pay the price for it. It is essential to our livelihood. We, the people, Do have a natural right to freedom of speech. We are more than welcome to boycott or even riot at the rising food cost, But why risk the potential of starving in the process? The body can only go so long without food, before shutting down. Food cost are at their highest yet, and are not predicted to fall any time soon. The cost keeps climbing due to inflation, the increases in the price of gas and oils used to ship or produce food, the recent growth in population and the supply v. s demand. Why would the cost of fuels and oils affect the cost of food?

What does gas have anything to do with price? Believe it or not, fuels and oil affect it more than we know. Fuels and oils are non-renewable and there is only so much of it discovered. Which means scientist are experimenting with biofuels which contains grains and sugar cane. As for the United States of America, Our climate cannot support every crop known to man. We rely heavily on imports, anything from alcohols, cheeses, animals or livestock, or to fruits and vegetables. Importing, or even exporting, those goods are not free. It cost the farmers to plant, take care and harvest the goods. Since the price of fuel and oils went up, It is making it harder for the poorer farmers to produce these goods as fast, and get them into town to sell them faster. While on the other hand, multi-billion dollar companies are thriving at the thought of quantity over quality. In either scenario, the farmers or companies selling said items to a third party to make money and room for more goods. Then that third party is going to either export those goods or sell them locally. Therefore, making a profit for themselves. It is all a chain effect, from planting or growing the goods, to selling the goods locally, or importing or exporting, to how the goods end up at your dinner table. Another factor that has led to this crisis is the growth in population. People today are wedding younger, if not having a child out of wedlock. It is no longer frowned upon, if not normal, to have a child at such young age or even not in a relationship at all. Therefor, there has been more mouths to feed. With the population always fluctuating, the amount of land in the whole word does not. We only have so much land that we can farm off of, which creates an even bigger issue.

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Since the soil only has so many nutrients,It is easy to deplete and will make it harder for a certain crop to grow, if not at all. In addition to the booming growth in population, people need somewhere to live. Which causes more and more companies to tear down wildlife and bull doze over fields to create housing. With more land being taken up for subdivisions, there is less land to potentially farm on or to raise animals. Leading into smaller farming areas which are now producing smaller crop or animal yields. People nowadays are also eating more meat than their ancestors did. If you kill a cow for its’ meat, now you have stopped the production of dairy products and natural fertilizer that could have helped the crops grow. Same with chickens, as they produce eggs. It is just a big pyramid scheme that no one can comprehend until we do not have the resource. In addition to higher fuel cost and the growth in population is the supply versus demand aspect. Since the lands are becoming smaller to yield from, the farmers can only produce so much. Therefore, whatever is harvested is treated like gold. If a farm can only produce x amount of crops and animals, there is sure to be a fight over these goods. As again, we cannot do without them. With the population reproducing at such a rapid rate, it is harder to keep up with the demand. Most of the time the demand will out weight the supply and a shortage will happen. Aerial starvation is no stranger to our world. Natural disasters can also play a role in the supply versus demand aspect. What if one month you go through a serious drought and there’s not enough water to keep the crops from drying up? Or the dry and the heat could potentially cause a wildfire. Or if the next month it rains everyday and now the crops have flooded? What if the animals had been standing in the bacteria infested mud for days? That animal has probably gotten sick or an infection and has to be put down, Instead of selling a healthy animal for food purposes. Now you have a product you cannot sell, you are either down crops animals, if not both, and you have lost that potential money.

Which all ties back into the supply and demand. Living in a rural area opposed to an urban area is another factor. Taxes on goods might be lower in a well populated area. The seller knows there will be many people to buy these goods. As opposed to a rural area, which might not need as many of goods to survive. What happens when you live in a rural area and only 10 of the good “X” is brought in, but in a bigger city that bought 300 of the same “X” good? The taxes on said item will more than likely be heavier on the 10 items because the demand is not as high. If a store is going through the same 300 product “X” a week, the demand is obviously higher and feel as if they do not need to tax it as much, because they are making their money either way. The cost of food prices may be at an all time high, but unfortunately, there is not too much we can do about it. Factors that have lead to this are the prices of fuels, population as a whole and unforeseen natural disasters are out of our control.


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