The Implications of Alarming Rise of Plastic Surgery in America


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It is common that more and more people accept to do the plastic surgery. With the development of technology and the limited jobs opportunities, some people especially teenagers may think that it is important for them having a beautiful appearance so that they are more competitive and expect to get more attention. There are three opinions of three media resources about the plastic surgery: Plastic surgery can improve people’s confidence, Americans tend to shape their body to be perfect and plastic surgery may have great influence in the life.

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There is a awareness of The Altantic that people who did the plastic surgery have more positive energy to live their life. It mentioned that “One study from 2005 found 87 percent of patients reported being satisfied with their surgeries, and rated their own attractiveness more highly after the procedure. ”(Beck). The Atlantic uses a lot of data and studies as examples to show that there is no negative results for people to the plastic surgery if getting more attraction from others is the main reason. Some data are supportive such as the one that “according to American society of Plastic Surgeons” which is a formal plastic surgery organization. However, The Atlantic offers some examples by saying that “some study have shown” about plastic surgery can make people happy is not a strong example. Moreover, it uses tiny sample size on the statistical test which may not be effective. The Atlantic believes plastic surgery can improve the quality of people’s life is one of the logical fallacies which is argument from ignorance since it does not know enough about the data about the plastic surgery and some data are not updated since it occurs in 2005. The author makes the conclusion based on the lack of the persuaded evidence. Therefore, the credentials and currency of this article may not high.

The second media perspective is from NBC News which represents that more and more people tend to shape their body to be perfect. Melissa who is the author said that some people may used to think plastic surgery makes us become fade, but recently patients tend to work on the area that they are not satisfied rather than the whole one since they think it would be more natural and closer to the real. As an illustration, “30 percent of cosmetic surgeons ASPS surveyed in 2013 said they were doing butt augmentations, compared to 19 percent in 2012.” However, there are some bad news happen about the plastic surgery, for example “But there was also the 28-year-old mother of two who died last summer after receiving a round of injections meant to enhance her derriere, or the British tourist who died in 2011 after getting silicone injections into her buttocks in Philadelphia”( DAHL). Here she uses parallelism to report the bad consequences of plastic surgery and remind patients of finding some experienced doctor since she uses words “who died” with a similar structure. Another rhetorical devices she uses is Simile which is comparing one object to another, specifically, a patient stated that “You hear all these horror stories about people getting these butt injections that are like, things from Home Depot” ( DAHL). She use the rhetorical devices and reliable evidence to prove that Americans like big butts and give readers warning when find a surgeon in a persuasive way. So this article is high objectivity and advocacy.

Moreover, New York Post reported that Plastic Surgery caused a woman jumps to death. David who is the author stated that the British woman in situations of very high excitement after had plastic surgery. She jumped with the naked body and deid.

She was a jewelry designer with a happiness family, it seems no reason for her to jumped to death, so investigators believe that the reaction to anesthesia is the main reason to make her to be thrilled. My own view, however, is that the argument that David seems making the fallacy of oversimplification, consider, “A British socialite freaked out after having plastic surgery, stripped naked and jumped to her death off a Beverly Hills high rise”(Sandra). There is not enough supportive details saying plastic surgery is the cause of death. Another fallacy is that Argument from pity. After all, “She has been involved with CWS since 1999 and despite being a wonderful and busy mother, wife and friend, she always has plenty of time to help anyone in need”(David)

To put it another way, David assumes that if the British woman did not do the face lift, she may not died and her wonderful life would keep going on. David may use a pity which is lost the wonderful life for evidence. In sum, this article might have bias on plastic surgery.

To sum up, one implication of Beck’s treatment of plastic surgery is that the plastic surgery may not make us attractive as time goes by, however, it may make us feeling happy if the main purpose is to get more attractive from others; Melissa in from NBC News assumes that it has the potential of damages during the plastic surgery and it is useful if we check the credibility of the surgeon; Although David does not say so directly, she apparently assumes that Plastic Surgery may also destroy our wonderful life even we go to a great hospital, accident always happens. My own view is that plastic surgery is a reasonable event since nobody can neglect pretty in the world and it may bring us confidence in our life to be a better me. However, we might not only want to have the pretty appearance, but also a pretty soul.

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