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The Functional Advantages of Gun Bags Over Gun Belts in Hunting

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Vorn Company gun bags

Anyone who had to deal with long-barreled weapons, faced with the question and that is how to transport weapons to the place of shooting, and how to carry weapons on a hunt or shooting range. And if in the first case, the classic weapon case, and the simplest gun bag for weapons, has not been canceled, then at the very process it is necessary to at least fulfill the safety requirements. Apparently, guided by these considerations, the company Vorn Equipment has created an original gun bag for a carbine, which in addition to the function of carrying weapons behind your back will help уou do without a weapon belt. In fact, this is a completely ordinary tactical gun bag with a small additional section and a special locking mechanism designed to carry almost any long-barreled weapon, from rifles to shotguns, including those equipped with optical sights.

The essence is simple – уou pull a small lever in the form of a ring located on the shoulder strap, the buckles of the section open up, and the carabineer from the gun bag is in your hands. What is especially nice is that the barrel of the weapon is directed exclusively upwards. The weapon gun bag is fixed on one shoulder, partially removed, the section is right at hand. We place the weapon there, snap it, throw it behind our back, and go further. That is reliable, safe, and convenient. The chance of a random shot is reduced to zero. In some models of gun bags for weapons from Vorn Equipment on the waist straps, уou can install additional cartridge belts. The company offers already models of their gun bags, with a capacity of 7, 20 and 42 liters, presented in two colors, one-colored (khaki) and hunting camouflage. In this case, the largest gun bag for weapons weighs З. 1 kg at the most. And the best part is the price. From $269 for the smallest to almost $400 for the biggest. For a real reliable, convenient and functional gun bag with such functions because it is very normal.

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The weapon compartment is removable. If there is no need for it, уou can simply detach it and use the Vorn Equipment gun bag as regular camping equipment. And in general, everything is done very well, уou can shoot without removing the gun bag, because the shoulder frames of the gun bag do not interfere with the tab and aiming at all. That saves time even more. In fact, with a gun bag for weapons Vorn Equipment can be reduced to an absolute minimum during the preparation of weapons for shooting. And everything in Vorn Equipment is good, but the only, probably, minus is that your weapon is very open when placed in a gun bag behind your back. In the event that уou get to the shooting area on your own two, the trunk sticking up will really strain both ordinary people and law enforcement services, as the law suggests that during transportation the weapon must be completely hidden. But no one here prohibits placing a carabineer in a case in the arms section of a gun bag, because the main advantage is still in a convenient carrying directly on the hunt and quick access to the weapon. When passing through dense bushes, the mechanisms of weapons and sights are closed and protected, but the trunk is open. In the same situation, theoretically, the locking mechanism can be activated quite randomly, but the ring is rather tight, so in practice this development of the situation is almost impossible. However, these minor flaws are compensated by unambiguous advantages – the functionality and convenience of a gun bag for Vorn Equipment weapons.


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