Why Look Does not Matter


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Imagine this if we are going to choose from two different type of dolls, a black skin colored doll with curly hair or white skin colored doll with shiny straight hair? Who will you choose. Most of you will choose the second one while some will choose the first one. So, let us relate this into humans, well we do not know them both, what we only know is their appearance. So, we choose based on their appearance right? So, my speech is entitled Looks doesn’t matter.

Whether we admit it or not, some of us or should I say maybe many of us living in this ever new world has this behavior that we look at someone based on her or his appearance, the way how he/she dressed up, maybe not too aloud but speaking through you’re minds. How can one person judge an individual in just how it looks like. Why would we judge them based on their appearance. Why don’t we try to acknowledge them first before we judge them. Let’s try to do not judge an individual based on their appearanceLooks doesn’t matter, we hear this in our lives. How true is this? Many people seem really wants to believe that this is really true, but there are those people who is judging them for being unattractive. I agree that looks should not matter. A person’s character should be measured on how good they are inside, their attitudes. In our society today, many people both men and women are onward struggling to fit a certain image that, in reality, almost nobody can attain.

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There’s never a time where society tells you to do whatever you want with your body, as long as it makes you happy. Some people are happy with their bodies whether they’re skinny or not. How tall you are must never matter to anyone because it is you who is the owner of that body. Some are happy with their bodies when they’re thick. Some people are happy being natural, makeup-free faces. Others are happy and contented on how they look like.What other people says must not matter and must not be taken seriously. I’d rather be told that really good inside than beautiful. How tall you are must never matter to anyone because it is you who is the owner of that body. Nobody should care about the way you look as long as you are healthy and happy. Your health and happiness are far more important than trying to reach a goal from a magazine, and than trying to look like an artist you idolized.

Beauty doesn’t matter because in the end the way you look shouldn’t matter to anybody but ourselves. No matter what beauty standards tell us, let us always be true to ourselves, do what ever will make us happy, continue pursuing your dreams and never mind those people trying to drag you down. What more important is that you are happy, contented on what you have and you are living true to yourself.

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