Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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In this paper, I will be discussing why medical marijuanas should be legal. In the first section I will explain what medical cannabis is used for and its impact on the human body. In the second and third sections I will be looking at the benefits and disadvantages of medical cannabis. In the fourth section I will give my conclusion on the matter and say if the benefits outweigh the negatives. In the fifth section I will say my opinion on the matter and in the sixth section I will state my sources and say if they are biased or not.

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Medical cannabis is used to treat conditions associated with pain, or it can be used to nausea and improve appetite. Doctors may prescribe medical cannabis to treat:

• Muscle spasms and seizures

• Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and PTSD

• Poor appetite (caused by diseases such as HIV or nerve pain)

• Crohn’s disease

• Epilepsy

THC, an ingredient in marijuana is proven to help with nausea (caused by cancer chemotherapy) and to improve appetite as stated above. It is available by prescription.

Medical marijuana controls seizures by binding to the brain cells that control our excitability and relaxation. The University of Nottingham found that CBD and THC, which are the main chemicals in marijuana, interact with the cells in the body that play an important role in our immune system responses and our gut functions.Marijuana can also impact our brains in dissatisfactory ways, as it can block memory formation and impact our coordination and reaction time.If the Cannabis is smoked, it can do damage to our lungs.

Benefits and Advantages of Medical cannabis

• Cannabis is effective in relieving nausea and vomiting. Studies have shown that medical cannabis is able to almost stop vomiting and also decrease nausea.

• Cannabis does not need to be smoked to be beneficial. Products such as CBD oils, edibles, and other non-smoking applications are now available.

• Cannabis can relieve certain types of chronic pain.

3. Negatives and Disadvantages of Medical cannabis

• Frequent cannabis use can affect your short-term memory.

• Smoking cannabis can seriously damage your lungs.

• Cannabis has a high risk of abuse and addiction.

• It is against the law in some places.

In conclusion, medical cannabis is proven to have a lot of benefits that, if used in small doses, can have a positive effect on the body. If the person has chronic pain or epilepsy, medical cannabis is a very good alternative to traditional means. But, since it is a common drug it can be abused very easily by people who don’t need to use it. There are very clear benefits and clear disadvantages. Because of these reasons, in most places it is legal already, including Ireland.

In my opinion, Cannabis hasn’t been studied enough for medicinal purposes. I feel that there shouldn’t be anything stopping scientists to research it.

Still, a lot of people have noticed an improvement of their pain with it, and I think we should decriminalize it. I would think that we need better laws against driving under the influence of cannabis as it could cause accidents . It would be a lot easier to place proper rules and regulations in place before rather than after legalization for recreational and medical use throughout most countries.People should be able to use it without fear that they will be arrested.













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