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Why Medicine Is a Course For Me

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There isn’t a specific event that influenced me to choose medicine as a career, I’ve always been a curious person. I used to be amazed seeing how a cut could heal, how healing time differs from person to person and how platelets being responsible for it. The functioning of human body is always a wonder, making me eager to know about it more.

The defence mechanism of human body is the most captivating topic of my A level biology. Pathogens invading are engulfed by phagocytes which present the antigen in its cell surface membrane activating the T helper cell to start rapidly dividing the cell by mitosis to form clone of identical cells; some developed into memory cells for future infections by same pathogen, enabling a quick response and stimulate B cells to secrete antibody against the pathogen. However, my A level chemistry gave me idea of how medicine works in the human body in terms maintaining pH level in the stomach, how antacid go through neutralisation reaction with the acid in the stomach. I found it so fascinating to know what’s happening on an atomic level that’s leading to physiological changes. A level math taught me logical and critical thinking.

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Last year, I attended master class on medicine at the Girton college of Cambridge in trip was new discovery about Shingles and slip disc which then I did some research that was delightful how human nervous system communicates by showing symptoms in the feet indicating a specific vertebrae in the spinal cord.

Although my A level subjects gave me the perception of science and numeracy but for choosing medicine as a career I had to obtain some significant skills so working part time in Sports Direct was one of the sources to build up some skills required as a doctor. Team work, interaction, patience and quick decision making are the vital skills that I’ve gained which I feel are necessary as an aspiring doctor. Frequently, I am assigned to the cash counter which is usually the busiest place of the store where I have to interact with varieties of customers along with handling the cash which require great responsibility and quick decision making ability. There were times when I came across few demanding customers where I had to remain calm in a pressured situation to resolve the issue. I also volunteered in Moorfields Eye Hospital as a floor marshal and clinic support where I got an insight of the hospital environment. I had to help the partially sighted patients to find their way in the hospital and listen to them sharing their sorrows with me. The satisfaction of making a difference to someone just by listening to them is the best feeling for me which made me more emphatic and caring than before it was amazing how easily I could connect to them. Working in a hospital environment I got to know that time management and patient confidentiality is a huge necessity that needs to be taken care of. In addition, my experience to the A&E ward few times with my baby sister showed me the dedication and tireless labour of a doctor and how engaging he has to be. Beside other qualities a doctor needs to be mentally strong and me growing up in a hostel from an early age after my parents split up made me bound to be mature and responsible for my own quite quicker than others. Not having any of my parents around me to guide never was an easy thing but my determination to work hard and struggles I’ve been through made me emotionally stronger.

I always loved singing as a hobby it helps me calm down when I’m stressed and also when I’m happy I sing. I used to sing in cultural programmes in my school and now I post singing videos online where few thousand people watch it and appreciate my talent which made me more confident and stronger. I’m well aware of the need of determination and dedication with the challenges coming along with it in the field of medicine where I have to balance my social life that includes the most astonishing chance to make significant changes to people’s life which I always look forward to.


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