Why Men and Women Should Be Equally Treated in Society

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Women and men should receive fair and equal treatment in an ideal world. But we don't live in an ideal world, we don't treat women like that. They see a woman as a person who remains a home for clean cooking and care for their children. Although men have access to anything, they are the ones for which their wives are loyal and have complete control. Everyday women endure discrimation due to societal expectations, are treated withstand violence, are denied access to education, and are therefore, being controlled..

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A main issue for women is that they suffer hostility to societal inequality. Many women right their freedom to address these problems. A crisis has reached Ontario within violence against women; ffity-three women have died due to femicide (Khan & Cross 8). This case is so inconsolable because they don't see how valuable women are like men. The government lacks the response of the continual issues against women violence (Khan & Cross 3). The government will not take this issue as significant when this is the key issue that affects innocent poor women. It is a big problem where it leads people to rise up and help women who have already been acquired into violence against them.

Careless abusive practices targeting women happen without retribution. Some to definance a woman dies or woman or treated with abuse because men feel that woman or worth nothing the bride burning takes place in south Asia and Muslim world to punish women and insufficient dowry or to eliminate her so a man can remarry (Kristof & WuDun). Five thousand women and girls were soaked and set with kerosene. Men were permitted to treat these women like this, with violence. A study by organizations estimated that 35% of women worldwide experience intimate-partner or or non-partner exual violence (Coleman 3). This was a global health organization they gave such cases to women throughout their lives. Violence is one of the most suffering stages around the world for woman discrimination.

Woman prevention of not attending school is permitted. Even if the girls have access to education, the poor families could not afford to send them to school. families didn’t know, when she spent her days hoeing fields and earning socks (Krisof & WuDunn 167). When money would be used for something useful it seems like a waste of the family. These girls were helpless and attending school was a little profit. Black marketing was also a problem for girls who could not attend school. Kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria, is a daily cruel act against women. Nearly 300 girls were kidnapped (Coleman 1). They don’t want to see women go to school in the country's society. Any country society they have abducted neither girls are safe outside because women are discriminated against. They are viewed in the point because men don’t want women to be attending school And just want them as housewives.

Girls can’t go to school because they get harassed. There is a case, where a girl called Malala rejected a Taliban fighting for her right being a girl. Malala was gun shot in the head, insisting girls have the right for education by Taliban interfering (Jones 1). Luckily she was sent to the hospital and survived. She was all over the news. She decided to read a book and explain her life of how she wasn’t permitted education in Pakistani. Malala said“ this gun shot did not stop more scared me from attending school”. “ Taliban vowed to attack Malala again. It contained an extraordinary and generous statement from the official Taliban spokesman: “she is not a brave girl, she has no courage, he said “ (Jones 5). Most girls don’t have the same confidence as Malala to attend school. How many girls are not going to school for these acts of assaults and girls. There are more men than women who are taught because of sexism.

Females have mostly no claim on anything. They follow the standards of the society. “Women have, historically held, less economic and political powers in men” (Gale 1). Women were not entitled to vote. They were paid less than men and we’re not treated in the same way and they were not able to do anything. They are independent people and they have to rely on obligation. girls in Iraq are forced into early age marriage (Brown 9). Many such girls wouldn’t marry, but they must comply with fear. A girl attaining that she should have the right to decide what's nice for her doesn't count number to society. Regardless if it's a coming out of a girls voice. Ladies are being discriminated against and society doesn't take a word of this issue.

The most critical barrier to discrimination against women and how they governed. Nigerian girls are demanding and end to: child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, genital mutilations, sex discrimination, exploded and abusive practices (Brown 4). Girls suffer from the situation as they don’t do anything with them they want. They want an end to being forced into marriage and treated with violence. We should understand this for every woman and girl life matters. Border from Nepal as were Napali girls are being trafficked into India to brothels of Kolkata (Kristof and WuDunn23). These girls are being put in a situation of process and forced to sleep with men who are misery from these women. We are calling for mercy from the police, but the officer is not convinced that prostitution is inevitable. This situation is not ok if women have this suffering to go through. Women should be allowed a choice to be in society

According to gender oppression, there are many issues internationally. Girls and women struggle to tackle this problem in order to fix it. Organizations come together across continental, such as Nigeria’s bring back our girls campaign, demanding for the rights and an end to discrimination ( Brown 4). Realizing the major issue which girls just do not have the right to mostly anything. These witness organizations have concerted action on multiple fronts. The end to the problems begin to be resolved. Nigerian senate considered a bill to removing me discrimination against women (Gale 15). This legislation offered extra security of widows and promised some equal portion in the woman's assets should her husband passed away. Others criticized this bill because of the disruption of conventional value systems. Of this topic constantly challenging are being addressed.

Violence against women and girls has influenced them throughout their society throughout life. In most countries, their were powerful groups such as ; “me too movement” coming out strongly oppose violence or sexual harassment against women. November 25 was arranged as an orange day by the UN women campaign for civil activist, the government and the UN system to raise the impact for the UN secretary generals campaign to an end of violence against women women (Lanka 7). Members are encouraged to wear a splash of orange that signifies a commitment for a brighter future and a term free from violence against women. Awesome buildings or monuments will be orange just to remind us that we need a world free of violence. Support for girls is being trafficked and trafficking is taking place. Girls were taking out of town and away from Brothels sent back to their families. money was left for them to open a grocery store in the village (Kristof & WuDunn). In the book “half the sky” stated that they felt it wasn't fair for these girls to suffer. They left their country for a better life but instead got trafficked. Now an end is coming to this issue and support is trying to solve the problem all over the world.

Exponents of women's rights have focused on legal change in society. In many cultures women are treated historically if not legally as minors. Local woman rights groups in various regions worldwide work from within each individual culture to change cultural and social belief and norms, while at the same time changing laws (Gale 3). Women are tired of being treated with abuse and as nothing. Each woman and every man should be treated with respect and equal treatment. Now no woman is moving across the world for the rights. “ July 2010, in response to relentless pressure from hundreds of women rights groups and several governments, the United Nations General assembly voted to establish “UN woman,” or UN entity for gender and empowerment of woman (Gale 8). UN Women is the first to focus on women internationally experiencing oppression and discrimination. Member of the board, Saudi Arabia for encouraging women's rights activist and the discrimination against women in their freedom is an act that attempts to stop this action.

It is a woman's lifetime, where sexism is maintained because of social expectations, is protected against abuse, and access to education is denied and therefore regulated. In nothing, you really don't have a choice. Society treats them as standards of whether or not women can. Women are treated differently and are prone to severe violence. Let's change the life of a woman and live better.

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