Why Millennials Are Struggling to Get Jobs


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Millennial is a person or group of persons that reached adulthood about the earlier part of the 21st century. In Australia alone, millennial unemployment rate is at 12.1 percent according to ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). This is the highest level in about two decades which is very worrisome. In America, it stands at 9.6. In South Africa, it stands at 52.20 percent. This is quite unfortunate. Millennials need to work on this to reduce unemployment rate to the barest minimum and stop struggling to get jobs.

In America today, workplaces need millennials to gain enough experience and skills to replace the past generations in various positions but this is not working out. Even when the millennials get adequate skills, they would not be considered also.

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Some experts said millennials are lazy and disoriented. Others said they prefer to stick to their mobile phones than seek for jobs. The rest wants to be C.E.O immediately without starting from a low position and working their way up like their parents did. The perception by experts that millennials are lazy is not accurate. They really want to work but they are still figuring out how to break into a market with so much demands and expectations from them.

Below are the major factors affecting millennials in getting jobs today.

Parents’ decision: Some parents pick the course they want their children to study which they eventually hate. These children only study the courses to satisfy their parents, they eventually lose interest in the field.

Bad credit score: Millennials should monitor their credit scores. A bad or low or nonexistent score has a negative impact on you and can affect your chances of getting a job.

Talk less about you: Recruiters and companies seek hires that serve as an investment to them. Millennials during job interviews should talk less about themselves and focus on their skills and how they can contribute to the success of the company.

Education system: Employers require certain key skills from graduates before recruiting them which they believe are not taught in colleges. These skills include: team bonding, critical thinking and interpersonal communication. The education system needs reconstructuring. Colleges should not only focus on theoretical studies, these skills should be taught so millennials can land even the most basic jobs.

High expectation: Many millennials have high expectations about the kind of jobs they can get. They want to begin with a high position, high income even with less or no experience. This high expectation is killing their potentials.

How Millennials Can Eventually Get Jobs

Some millennials have followed these basic steps and have been able to get employed.

Build your skillsets: Companies check for your skills and experience before employing you. It is important to acquire more skills while in college or after.

Impress your recruiter: The easiest way to impress your recruiter is by showing them you will make their investment worth it since they see new recruits as an investment. Tell them about your skills and how you can contribute to the success of the company.

Take any job you get: At a particular time, it is advisable to take any job you get. The experience you gain from the job can be added to your portfolio and it would be useful for your next position. This will also reduce unemployment rate.

In conclusion, millennials have a lot of work to do so they can secure jobs. With the required skills, experience and normal expectations, jobs will roll in.

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