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School Diversity: Pros and Cons

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Why do we need to have more diverse schools? What is the definition of a diverse school? Why is it important to have a diverse school? A diverse school is when there is religion, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and etc. All in one school and there is a lot of each. We need more diverse schools because it is important for the reason that a diverse schools prepares students for is to come in society. If students are exposed to diversity when they are young, then it can get rid of racisms, sexism, hateful comments, and more. Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life. If children learn more quickly during the early years, then that means they can learn that being different is okay that we don’t have to exclude for being different.

“Early experiences provide the base for the brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout life”. When building the structure of the brain in the brain it will learn that hateful comments are not necessary and to be themselves. They can learn that being different is okay and that we do not have to discriminate against each other for being different. If schools are more diverse, than students are more likely to be themselves and to be accepted within the school. If there are more people that share your skin tone, religion, sexuality, etc., then you stay with them and you are yourself. If students share with the class personal experiences “such as family holiday practices,” it will “provide fellow students with a window into their peer’s cultural traditions”.

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Schools that are more diverse have “reported more tolerance” Between students and they are “less prejudice towards other students of other ethnicities”. Therefore giving them things to bond on and to share cultural experiences. That is why a diverse school can help students. If schools are diverse than bullying can go down because there are more people like them at school and it helps. “Middle school students from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds feel safer, less lonely and less bullied if they attend schools that are more diverse, UCLA researchers report today in the journal Child Development”. Jaana Juvonen, a psychologist form UCLA lead a research to study diverse schools. She says, “When ethnic groups are of relatively equal size, there may be more of a balance of power,” she also got from her research that “One or more large ethnic groups will be less likely to exert their influence over one or more small ethnic groups”. “Bullying likely occurs in nearly every school, and many students are concerned about their safety,” Juvonen said. “But our analysis shows students feel safer in ethnically diverse.” That is how diversity can help with bullying.

Diversity, what is it? Diversity is when there are more of multiple things, there is more of than one race, ethnicity, sexuality, and more. When there is more of diversity it helps schools with bullying, students being themself, and to get rid of comments that not meant to be made. Diversity in schools can impact those students out of schools, by going to a diverse school you how people that may not look like you they are the same specie as you and it is fine to be different. In conclusion, diversity in schools prepares students for what is to come in society and can help with today’s societal problems like comments and such.


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