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The Research on Nature Acts as an Inspiration of Architecture Design

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The background and the context of this research involve tracing back the connections between nature and architecture. These connections caused the concepts of nature in architecture and architecture within nature to be born. The boundaries between nature and architecture are porous. Aims This idea would function by the identification from the near past (Gonzalez, 2012) of how the first built structures emerged inspired by nature. It would be followed by species of nature used for design for buildings being built. The first two ideas would provide a speculative study for notions related to the future of the concept of nature and architecture (Institute, 2011).

Research Questions

The intrinsic connection between architecture and nature is predominant since the first built forms. Architecture is affected by nature at numerous levels. Natural forms have continuously intrigued architects especially during conceptual stages of design. A study of precedents in the history of architecture and some unfamiliar examples will be made. It becomes essential to answer that:

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  • Why nature acts as an inspiration (Feuerstein, 2002) for form and design of architecture?
  • How natural forms have been involved during the history of architecture?
  • Influence of form by nature (Binder, 2008) against conceptual/directly inspired form by nature (Rizor, 2011)?
  • Can architects use natural forms for developing the form and design of architecture?
  • What architects intend to accomplish by studying nature for forms and design of nature directly in the architecture that they develop?


A set of books, journals, articles, websites, images would be used for an in depth research to be made. The first chapter of the literature review would involve the definitive understanding of nature, form, design, and architecture. After the definitive understanding, an analysis of their relationship with each other would be clarified. The second chapter would be to recognize the influence of nature as a seed of inspiration for architecture, what are the ways in which it has affected architecture in history and the study of the influence of form by nature. These studies would be supported by relevant examples especially landmarks and monuments in Architecture (Lynch, 1960). It would reveal concept-based ideas in nature used by architects.

The third chapter would explore a selection of case studies that are direct derived from nature and have conceptual influences from nature than just their final form being linked to natural forms. The case studies will have distinctive character inspired by nature. The fourth chapter would involve concepts and review of parallel industries (Miles, 2008) is required such as parallel between building industry and IT industry. These two industries which are really close; their relationship would need to be reviewed along with other related fields which makes spaces livable including industrial design, interior design, furniture design, landscape architecture, urban planning etc. with the lens of nature’s influence on them. The fifth chapter would involve analysis of the research findings to resolve the main question of the Dissertation – ‘‘WHY NATURE ACTS AS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION TO FORM AND DESIGN OF ARCHITECTURE? ’’ Finally the conclusion would be a summarized version of the outcomes from the research.

Possible Outcomes

From my investigations and research, the author hopes to discover, possible reasons why nature has acted as a source of inspiration to form and design of architecture.


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