Why People Should Go Green

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In the last few decades, our planet earth suffered from a climate change that hasn’t been witnessed before therefore we should all adopt a green attitude for the sake of our planet. There are many reasons we should adopt a go green attitude include trying to delay an imminent disastrous climate change, protect our environment and ecosystems from pollution.

The first reason we should go greener in our lives is to prevent disastrous climate change. According to NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, Antarctica lost about 127 billion tons of ice per year in the last 23 years. Where sea level is expected to rise by 1 to 4 feet by 2100 As a result many of the pacific oceans islands are in great danger. According to the New York Times Coral Davenport, most of the islands that make up the island nation ‘are less than six feet above sea level.’ we have to participate in delaying this impact that will affect people’s lives. So how adopting a going green attitude will help, simply it’s summarized in greenhouse gasses emission mainly CO2, these gasses cause an increase of earth’s temperature in a phenomenon called global warming. According to the United States, Environmental Protection Agency a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. One of the most going green approaches in my point of view is electric cars. Electric cars can save our planet by decreasing CO2 emission which is an abundant greenhouse gas. We should stack together behind the electric cars industry we all give this industry a chance adopting such vehicles will help in saving the environment and ecosystems we know today from collapse, delaying global warming, and decrease some pressure on our environment.

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Finally, the other reason we should go green is to save our planet from pollution. In this paragraph am willing to address politicians and people in power to please stop burning oil for our planet for our grandchildren. As we all know oil industry is a huge historical industry but at the same time, it’s the largest polluter of the environment. Alternative technologies such as Biorefinery that can produce more environmentally friendly products and energy should be taken in mind. According to The International Energy Agency defined as ‘the sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of bio-based products (food and chemicals) and bioenergy(biofuels)’. Going green isn’t only about change in what we buy or how we consume paper and plastics it’s more than it’s an ideology that involves economy and politics. We will start to hear of new terms like the green economy and green politicians. People in power have to take action towards the environment and develop a greener economy. Awareness should be raised to world people that our economy has to change so instead of depending on oil we have to develop and invest in more green technologies to have a green-based economy.

In the end, we have to take some responsibility towards our environment and trying to adopt a new going green ideology to save our grandchildren from disastrous climate change. 

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