Why Personal Growth & Development is Important

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The desire for personal growth usually arises, generally, from emotional pain, dissatisfaction or psychological distress, which push a person to look inside himself to try to find solutions, overcome problems and overcome himself. For this reason, emotional pain and dissatisfaction with oneself is not necessarily a negative thing, but it is indicating to us that something is wrong, or that what we are does not correspond to what we would like to be and pushes us towards change and towards personal growthWhen we get involved in our own pain, we learn to be more empathetic and compassionate with the pain of others. But although suffering is usually the most common way people learn, it does not mean that they have to be the only one.

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The more you consciously involve yourself in knowing yourself and looking face to face at what is inside you, whether it is good, bad or spooky, the less likely it is that life will pose situations that make you learn by force through pain. This is because the desire for personal growth is part of our nature. It is a powerful force that pushes us inevitably because it constitutes our most basic and fundamental mission in life. You can resist that force and ignore it but you can never defeat it. If you do not consciously involve yourself in your development and personal growth, something inside you will push you towards experiences and situations that force you to do so.

The bases of personal growth

The fundamental basis of personal growth is simple, it consists of looking inside you, the good and the bad, what pleases you and what frightens you, but always from acceptance and compassion towards oneself. Without this last-compassion towards oneself-personal growth or development is not possible. Therefore, that must be the first step, to be able to see inside without judging, without despising or criticizing you and without being afraid to face the worst or most unpleasant of you face to face. One of the best ways to do this is through mindfulness meditation, because it is a method that helps you learn to control your attention, direct it to where you want to direct it and pay attention to what goes on inside you without judging or getting stuck in your own emotions and thoughts. So, that was a short information about the personal growth, I am sure you’ll desire to have more information, tips and tricks to grow yourself. You can find more information about personal growth and many more subjects on www. 67goldenrules. com. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and will get more information on the link I’ve shared. Best of luck and have a good day.

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