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Why Poker Is Good For You 

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Ladies and gentlemen today I will be talking about Bob. I know you guys are all thinking who is Bob and why I’m up here to talk about him, but we aren’t really talking about Bob. Today I will show you a transformation story. The tale of Bob and when he went from ordinary to extraordinary by playing a game. A game that some of you might have played before, some of you might think it is a bad game. My name is Armaan and in the 3 minutes I have today, I will take you on the journey of how ordinary Bob became in control of his emotions, able to deal with unfavourable odds and finally, being able to deal with defeat just by learning the game of poker.

Our first transformation of Bob’s is how he learns how to control the part of us that influences most of our decisions, emotions. In the game of poker, Bob showed his emotions throughout the game. When he would win a hand his emotions gave him confidence and he tended to bet more but when faced with a couple games of defeat his response was to bet low and not believe in his cards and odds. We must fix this problem. We can do this by taking a deep breath and allowing logic and the odds of success guide us through our decision making process. This relates to the real world in so many ways. A very common dilemma people tend to face is how to deal with a tough decision. This decision usually has many emotions attached to it but usually there is a more logically sound solution. In this situation Bob realizes he must act by using his better judgment and not his emotions. Life gives us many situations in which we must control our emotions and act in a logical manner without allowing ones emotions to take over.

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Moving on Bob must learn to “deal with the cards you’re dealt”. Similar to the real world, in poker the odds are that the cards you get are not the best. The real challenge in poker is to deal with bad cards and turn them in to a winnable hand. The card dealt to you aren’t as important as the way you use them. The most common excuse for losing in poker is that “my cards were bad” but if an incredibly successful company like NASA gave up after their first failed launch to the moon we would never have had made it to the moon. Instead they discussed what when wrong and how they can improve. This is the exact same strategy Bob used in poker and his everyday life.

Now Bob has grown as a person but he is still not extraordinary, he must learn to deal with failure. In poker the winning percentage is usually under 30%. This can be incredibly hard especially for someone who doesn’t play poker regularly. It is incredibly hard to stay motivated to keep playing but that relates to everyday situations in an average person like Bob’s life. When life knocks you down and you lose, it is easy to stop trying but that is not the path to success. A great example of this is basketball legend Micheal Jordan. When he was cut from his basketball team in high school, he didn’t quit. He looked at that defeat and said how can I get better, where did I go wrong and he made sure to stay motivated. Ideally the path to success in Bob’s case is to persevere and never lose motivation.

Just like Bob learned this much from a poker game and grew as a person, we can relate to real life by controlling our emotions and acting in a logical manner, by taking what we have and creating the best possible scenario, and by learning from failures and improving ourselves. I hope in three minutes or less I have shown you that a game which is advertised negatively can have such a positive influence on anyone. Therefore, the game of poker is an unbelievable learning opportunity to be successful in the game which we call life.


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