Why Proper Use of Helmets is Key to Protection

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How Much Do Ski Helmets Help? : An Analysis Of Responsibility And Helmet Use

Skiing and snowboarding are very dangerous activities. The organization of Emergency Room Doctors has been pushing for a mandatory helmet rule. According to Glau and Duttagupta of everyday writing, sixty percent of the head trauma could be avoided by wearing a helmet, cited 2006 Norwegian study. Although, the helmet can protect only with the speed up to fourteen miles per hour; skiers have to be engaged with the sport responsibly. More than half of the skiers who died were wearing helmets; it must have occurred when the skiers risk their lives, by not following the guidelines. The proper use of helmet have to be followed; the federal guidelines have to be strongly implemented. In result to, helmet will be an effective protection against head trauma for ski and snowboard sport. The director of education and risk for the NSAA, Dave Bryd said, “skiing responsibly is the best way to prevent injury” (Glau and Duttagupta 27). This means that people has to be responsible enough to do this type of sport.

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It is necessary for everyone in ski and snowboard sport to apply safety practices; helmet is just an addition to safety. The proper use of helmet can be best defense thus enjoying a safer sport. The death of the actress Nathasa Richardson, has showed the importance of the use of helmet. “It has to take a celebrity to bring this to the fore.” (Glau and Duttagupta 27). It has wasted many lives before it has given the attention to improve safety. Meanwhile, it’s not too late to save many lives, after all. Clearly, the organization of emergency room doctors has a great purpose with promoting mandatory helmet rule. It will save many lives as Dave Bryd, director of education has said, “Our position is the skiers’ behavior has as much or more to do with the safety of the sport as does any piece of equipment” (Glau and Duttagupta 27). Therefore, the skiers’ behavior is the main safety control; the helmet is only a secondary safety precaution.

As we investigate more about safety against head injuries and the use of helmet,we will take a look with the Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado. They have saved a traumatic brain injury (TBI) database and the records were collected from all the hospitals in the state of Colorado. In three years period, it has provided injury records by case severity. The observation was separated and compared by gender. The result of observation, according to Diamond and Denkhaus of analysis of injury severity and outcome, sixty percent were male and 31percent were female. The observation also included the age differences. There was a higher rate of injuries with male, and the older age and very young age. Ages younger than seventeen year old and older people ages sixty five and above, has the highest rate of injuries in the record. In this study, in can be a possibility that age and gender affects the behavior of the skiers and snow boarders.

It can be that male are more interested on difficult ski tricks and more enhanced moves. Most of the male are not very conscious of the risk, and sometime forget to wear their helmets. Females, on the other hand, are more cautious. Most would not take the risk of hurting themselves as much as the male. Surely, that kind of behavior can contribute on the safety of this sport.

On age basis, younger skiers are more aggressive and not responsible enough to engage with sports. The older skiers, are probably not physically fit to do such risky activities as skiing and snowboarding. Helmet use can be a good protection, but it is necessary that the people participating on the game should be responsible enough to know their own risk. Children should have more training before doing advance skiing and snowboarding. Helmet has to be worn at all times - first timers, professional skiers and snow boarders. Responsible players will gain more fun time and fame. Helmet for safety, awareness of risk, and interest on these sports would be a great combination.

The organization of Emergency Room Doctors has been pushing for a mandatory helmet rule, because sixty percent of the head trauma could be avoided if people have been wearing a helmet. However the use of helmet is just an addition to safety and it is still responsibility that people needs. When an individual is responsible enough and aware of safety guideline, it will lessen the risk of injury. Finally, helmet will be a great protection to people.

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