Why Protecting Privacy is so Important in the Internet Era

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These days the use of electronic devices and the Internet is increasing in frequency, and privacy is gradually valued by more people. What causes people to pay more attention to privacy? With the rapid development of the economy and the remarkable improvement of technology, it becomes easier to hunt for other people’s privacy, and many people violate others’ privacy and rights even unconsciously. In response to the fact that more people are entering the ‘Internet age’, the Internet has provided some people with direct access to the world. But are they aware that rapidly evolving information technology can also lead to invasion of privacy? Privacy has been talked about for a long time, but many places are still violating it with incomplete restrictions in our daily lives, such as pinhole cameras everywhere, stealing personal bank information through multiple apps, and cyberbullying using other people’s photos and names.

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In recent years, pinhole cameras have been found in many hotels and even public areas to monitor and record others, which is a kind of unlimited invasion of privacy. Economic progress has given more people time and money to travel around the world, but in recent years there have been frequent reports of pinhole cameras being found in hotels and hostels. Even the most famous app Airbnb has seen comments from people who have found recording cameras hidden in corn the ers of rooms. For instance, I went to Mexico with my friend this summer, and we wanted to experience the local folk customs, so we booked a very beautiful independent villa by the sea on Airbnb. When we arrived at the villa, several friends were shocked by the beautiful scenery the decoration. No one thought the homestay could be so luxurious and every facility was exquisite. After a day’s journey, everyone felt very tired. So we went back to our rooms early to have a rest. As soon as we turned off the light, I heard my friend next door calling my name. She accidentally found a red light flashing all the time in a very secret cabinet. When we opened the cabinet, we found a very small black rod with a red light shining from the side. My friend immediately thought it was a pinhole camera, so we called the police, and the owner of the house met us the next day and apologized. We are still very worried about it because the pinhole camera is so small that it is hard to see if it is hidden in a corner. I think about it, there are hidden machines that have yet to be discovered, and it is a terrible thing that residents do not even realize that their privacy has been invaded. Until now, the law has not been comprehensive enough. But everyone should all protect their privacy by refusing to put pinhole cameras in hotel rooms.

Many people’s private information is stolen by hackers through a variety of apps to conduct credit card fraud which will cause financial difficulties in some way. Many software especially social media will collect some users’ personal information, such as address and contact phone number. If people buy goods online, they will need personal bank card information for payment. Last year, my classmate Mohammed had a similar problem. When he was in class, he suddenly received a message from the bank, and his card was spent a lot of money by someone else. He was very worried and called the bank immediately. The bank could only find out where the purchase was made, and the card was still in his wallet. And then, the bank staff told him that it should be an online purchase, but there is no way to find out who used his card to steal so much money. After an afternoon of anxious waiting, he finally received all the money he had lost in the evening. Bank staff returned the money from the website and told him it had been spent on a website that was shared on a Facebook account. Mohammed instantly remembered that he had put his bank card information on his Facebook account, but forgot about it because he had not used it for a long time. Then, he deleted all personal information and then closed the account. Although websites promise to protect personal information, some hackers can still steal it by some methods. To lose money unnecessarily, the only thing people can do is not to store their bank information on the website as much as possible to prevent their credit cards from being stolen.

Some people will use others’ photos and names on the Internet without authorization to conduct cyberbullying on known people and make malicious remarks toward others. Cyberbullying often occurs when images are taken without knowing them and then posted online to make unkind comments. Many similar pictures often appear on the Internet and falsely claim to be themselves, which are then subjected to vicious comments from others. Some network users even use personal information to find out the user’s name, address, and workplace. This is a kind of invisible hurt to the victims, it will cause great mental pressure on them, and eventually even lost interest in life. It is impossible to predict when and what these people will post online to engage in verbal violence against individuals. People’s private lives and image rights can be violated by cyberbullies, which will bring psychological pressure to the people. Cyberbullying has reduced a lot in recent years, but there are still a few people who try to do it. Even so, the law will be on the right side.

In conclusion. It is important to learn how to protect personal privacy, and it takes education from a young age to make it available to everyone. Every country teaches children how to care about privacy and protect the privacy of others. Because privacy is personal habits and information, everyone has the right to keep their secrets from sharing with others. When people check into a hotel, be sure to look around and contact the police the first time if you find a pinhole camera. Usually, people who go out or shop online must have awareness of prevention, protecting their personal property is very important. Prevent the occurrence of cyberbullying, and do not freely publish others’ pictures and unfriendly comments, because the other person may be hurt. Bad people always have a lot of ways to steal other people’s personal information, which also strengthens the public’s prevention psychology. There are many reasons for privacy disclosure, but as long as people pay more attention to privacy protection, they will not let bad guys take advantage of the situation. 

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