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Why School Start Times Should Be Later

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Waking up at 5:30- 6 am is a pain especially when you just got to sleep a couple of hours ago, would you agree? According to Aaron E. Carol, most high schools and middle schools start by 8:30 am. Starting school later would give them more time to sleep because kids will still go to bed at the same time. Obviously, teens not getting enough sleep is incredibly bad for their health. When teens are recommended to get an average of 8-10 hours of sleep which is nearly impossible with all the homework and after-school activities for some children. Schools should begin later because teens could get more sleep, it would better their grades and behavior, and it’s better for the economy.

Teens getting the recommended 8-10 hours could be nearly impossible for some. This is because kids who are involved in any extracurricular activities could have practice or a meeting until 8 or 9 pm some nights. Then once they get home they have to do the piles of homework given to them every day. Which sometimes takes hours to do so that wouldn’t let them go to sleep until 11 or 12 o’clock at night. Also if schools start later that isn’t going to encourage the child to stay up later. They will still go to sleep at the same time, and get more sleep. If schools start later they would have fewer parties since then children could sleep longer. They wouldn’t wake up as drained in the morning so they wouldn’t hit snooze as often. Once the start times are pushed back and the students are getting more sleep The child will be much happier and want to go to school more.

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The next reason children should start school later is, a lot of the children face problems with using drugs alcohol, and smoking, or using drugs and it could be a factor of not getting enough sleep. Along with getting poor grades and a poor attitude. Getting good grades could be easy if you get enough rest and you weren’t tired and distracted. Paying attention in classes is a lot harder if you are under the influence trying to focus or if you’re falling asleep every ten seconds. Having good sleep habits is proven to make your academic level of achievement like you had two extra months of schooling according to Aaron E. Carol. If schools push back their time’s students would not have to wake up so early which could help them not wanting to cry every morning before school. Once the children are sad and upset about having to go back to school they’ll turn to other coping mechanisms like using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. This may be a direct factor

Since most schools using the same busses for the elementary schools and the high schools and they don’t want to have to push back the elementary start times it would cost them a lot of money. Which in some cases, yes, but in most no. In the article “ The economic case for letting students sleep a little later” written by Aaron E. Carol he says “ students level of academic achievement could add up two 17,500 in a lifetime. This is because the academic level of the students would outweigh the cost of using more busses. Schools starting later would at the start cost more but in time the profits and benefits would also triple the cost.

Lastly, the benefits outweigh everything else in starting school later considering it can help to prevent, drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. Also, give students a better opportunity to get better grades and let them sleep more to become healthier people. If students are sleeping more, they’ll be more likely to get better grades. They could reach a high academic achievement of up to two months of extra schooling. Also, keep them away from being acidic among other things children shouldn’t be doing.   


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