Why Selfies Can Lead in Plastic Surgery

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Most people are on social, media apps such as Instagram,snapchat and many more. Often they would post pictures. Out of the most post pictures are selfies. Selfies were added to the dictionary in 2013, which was around the time when social media become popular. Social media is very popular among young adult. Young adult tend to stay on top of new trends. If you where to look and see when social started to gain more popular, the rise of cosmetic procedure also started to increase.

Cosmetic surgery is very popular in young women. Having a great selfie post can be a lot of pressure, trying to live up what people want you to be. In a recent data shows that people get facial cosmetic procedure so they can improve their selfie pictures. Today the cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar procedure. Every year we have new smartphones with better a better camera lense. People can have better photo effects and new filters on their smartphone. Some might blame tech companies for not doing nothing about these new filters and photo effects. People can spend many hours adding filter and photo effects to their selfie pics. You know the most popular apps, such as snapchat and Instagram comes with all these camera filters, it also comes with photo effects. These filters and effects can make someone’s skin look smooth, can give a perfect bone structure on their face, perfect nose shape and many more. These filters would show an image that you think is a better version of yourself. As they start to look more at the filter pictures, they would start to fell in love with the better version of themselves. In the end, they would start to think about cosmetic procedure a way that they can perfect themselves to that image. Many people would come into clinic hospital with a picture of themselves and say they would wanna become like this, the filter pic.

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Most people take a lot of selfies a day. Finding a good angle for a better post. Finding a perfect angle for a selfie plays an important role on taking a pic. If someone was taking a selfie and their angles don’t look that good. They would think about getting a face lift and a nice sharp jawline. On their free time, they would go back and look at all of there selfie pic. As they keep looking at themselves, they would start to notice more about their facial features. They also look at other people’s selfies post and see how they look. Some might get attached to certain pic and think about it for some time. A lot of things could be running through their minds about how they look, or what they can change about themselves to look more beautiful. Today we have apps that can help you change some part of your facial features, before you go to to cosmetic specialist.

All of these thought can lead to doubting yourself, and not feeling comfortable with your one skin,which can lead to a path of cosmetic procedure. It can also be hard on the doctors who are performing the procedure, because they are trying to create a new look that’s not even real. Your face might become disfigured. Once you post a pic of yourself everyone can see it. They are people who would hide behind their computers and say mean things. When someone posts a pic they would often look at the comment section and see what people would say about theri selfie picture. A person who is confident would care are less about what they say in the comment section, but a person who doubts themselves might think about the mean words used in the comments. If someone were to say ‘oh you have a big forehead,’ then they start to feel ashamed of there big forehead.

They would go back to their old selfie pics and see if they actually have a pic forehead. That start to compare pic from different people and see if there is any difference. They only way they think that they can get out of this solution is to a medical procedure, because of what someone said about their selfie pic. Celebrities play a big role in the cosmetic industry. One selfie post could get them million of likes. An individual might look up to a celebrity and look at their selfie pic see what kind of procedure they had. People tend to follow the latest trend in cosmetic procedure, even if it is a botox or a lip injunction An example would be, when a celebrity gets a lip injunction post selfie, somebody else might wonder would I look good in my self-pic if I were to get a lip injunction. The Pressure to live up to today’s beauty standards, is very though in young women.

They would think that they would be able to get many more likes on there new cosmetic procedure image. Trying to create the perfect selfie image might lead to body dysmorphic. Which means a person might be focused at any small problem on how they see themselves.They might end up trying to get a cosmetic procedure to create the image that they want to be. Going through all this cosmetic procedure can cause a lot of damage to a person’s mental problems. You can end up losing your own identity. Trying to be someone while not being yourself. Doctors who gives these plastic procedure don’t usually give them advice instead they would push them to get the cosmetic procedure.Way too much selfies can be some kind of addiction, and getting too much cosmetic can also be addiction. Many can argue taking selfies can be a good thing, trying to put positive out their. You would have someone post pic of themselves covers with a lot face acne showing to be more comfortable with your skin, encouraging others to be self confidence.

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