Why Should Assisted Death Be Legal

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Some people are thinking that Euthanasia is another name for suicide but when we look at deeper things are more complicated than that. Euthanasia can only be done under medical supervision and with a testament approved by a lawyer. There are countless debates about whether Euthanasia should be legal or illegal. It should be legal because if a person has right to live, then that person should have right to end their life in under certain circumstances such as fatal diseases or full-body disabilities.

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Allowing a terminally ill individual to end their life is the only rational and compassionate choice our society can make. People who suffers from intense pain should be allowed to end their life in a peaceful way because they are not just feeling physical pain, they are feeling emotional pain as well because they feel like they are a burden to their family and it is making the situation even worse.

For example in April 2014, Brittany Maynard, who is suffered from a malignant brain tumor which would kill her in 6 months has decided to take her life. She could have prolonged her life with radiation treatment but she did not wanted to die in a painful way while all those loved one around her watch her deteriorate. She moved USA, California to Canada, Oregon where Euthanasia is legal. People who are suffering from fatal diseases should not deal with this type of obstacles because they are already in so much pain.

Another example of why Assisted Death should be legal is comes from England. Danny Bond was born 3 months early and he developed an infection when he was in special baby unit. He almost suffered for his entire life and he wanted to die when he was 13. He tried to commit suicide several times but they bring him back to life each time. When he was 21, he starved himself to death because it was the only legal way to die. People who are mentally competent should be able to perform Euthanasia if it is necessary.

Ethical side of Euthanasia is still on discuss among many doctor if it is a violation of The Hippocratic Oath or not. The Hippocratic Oath is basically means “do no harm.” But in this case it is not an intentional harming, it is more like helping someone by performing Euthanasia on them.

People with high morals probably will not support this idea, but in fact, they should be the ones who are supports this, because their morals is telling them to help anyone who need and they can help by supporting this idea. Many patient's relatives are do not want their loved ones to suffer so they are supporting the Legalization of Euthanasia in order to spare their family members from this agony.

People who has terminally illnesses are more likely to commit suicide because they know that they will die in a painful way. They would be much happier if they had right to end their life without pain and with peace and surrounded by their loved ones. Doctors and politicians should end their discussion and make Euthanasia legal. It is not does not shorten someone's life it makes someone's life easier.

Almost in every developed country such as USA, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and etc. Euthanasia has the public support because they think that ending someone's life with that method is very humane thing to do.

In 1947, USA started asking the general public if they support the idea of doctors should be allowed to end patient’s life in a painless way if the patient and patient’s family wants to. On that day public overwhelmingly voted for “yes” and it is still remained this way since then.

In the world, current laws are targeting the innocent people because there are people who are suffering from incurable diseases such as brain tumor, lung cancer or AIDS. Nobody wants to live that way and nobody wants to spend high amount of money so the could live a bit longer in pain. There are organisations such as 'Yes To Dignity In Dying” currently working on project for legalization of euthanasia around the world. Public should support this organisations to raise awareness about Euthanasia and why it should be performed in their country.

To conclude, whether you are a religious or non-religious person, you should help people or at least respect people for decisions that they are making over their life. There are too many opinions about Euthanasia but they are forgetting one thing; they are making decision for someone’s life and that is not up to anybody except for the patient who is suffering from a fatal disease. We can all agree that Euthanasia is a humane thing and there is no cruelty in it.


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