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Why Should Forbid Same-Sex Marriage?

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In the world today there are many countries opposed to same-sex marriage and other countries have more severe actions than prohibiting same-sex marriage in their country such as Russia. People who have sex with men may be sentenced to prison terms or may be sentenced. But in Vietnam we are not too stressed about same-sex marriage. There are still married couples who are still acquainted if the families of both sides accept. For example, not so long ago, the cyber community was upset by the story of an openly gay guy, the story of a show host Ngọc Trang but after two years of cohabiting, they were break up. This indicates that groom’s marriage is unstable for a long time. Personally, I agree that government should forbid same-sex-marriage.

Same-sex-marriage going back to the customary customs

In my opinion, first reason we should to talk that not getting approval society. Since ancient times, our grandparents have always followed the marriage tradition of being a man and a woman, so they can hardly accept a marriage of the same sex. There are many ideas that customary customs are important, it makes a good point of a country. It should not be because of the western thinking that changes the traditional tradition of the country. The combination of a man and a woman is the true marriage. The love of same-sex marriage is just negative thoughts about love leading to inadequate thinking about true marriage. Not only does gay marriage cause a gender bias in later generations but it also makes the image of traditional marriage worse. For me marriage is a very important thing so it needs to be natural. To me, social stereotypes are not always wrong, prejudices against same-sex marriage appear to protect traditional marriage. Because there are many people who abuse homosexual marriage to undermine the image of the country.

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From law, they don’t accept same-sex-marriage

From the past, the law has helped the country to develop. Compliance with the law is a manifestation of a civilized lifestyle. In the western countries they can accept same-sex marriage but not in Vietnam. They can not consent to a non-sex marriage. If they accept it will lose the image of a traditional Vietnam. They did not act violently but did not speak out. From an article I have read they have written “as of January 1, 2015, the revised Marriage and Family Law Act 2014, Congress removed this prohibition and replaced article 8, paragraph 2 as” The state does not recognize same-sex marriage”. In Vietnam today, there are many couples who have sex with the same sex but it is very difficult to get married. Not only about the law but also about prejudices from society. It can cause a lot of bad consequences. For me, I do not think homosexuality is a bad thing, but it is a sexual diversion and it is hard to accept. This deviation can affect the image of the country. Not only that, but it also makes the concept of marriage of today’s youth go in the wrong direction. I agree with the prohibition not because I hate homosexual marriage but because I think traditional marriage is better because it conforms to social standards.

It influence the children

Another reason I think it is important is to influence the children. Homosexual marriages without a solid foundation will have a great impact on parenting later. Many opinions still suggest that cross-border marriage will soon cease, leading to interruption of parenting. When a homosexual couple lacks the kindness of a woman and a pair of lesbian children lacks the decisiveness and power of a man. This would be very unfair to future generations who were born before they did not receive enough love from both parents. Marriage is very important, but childbirth and parenting are much more difficult. A family with full parents is better for parenting. A father can really teach his children to be strong, tough and courageous, and a mother can really teach her the ingenuity and kindness. Can homosexual couples bring about that? There may be people who say homosexuals can bring happiness to their children. But do you think that when those kids grow up and know the truth about their parents, the kids will think? Have you ever imagined how a child when adopted by same-sex couples would grow up? When they grow up they will have a life like or not. To me, when these kids grow up, they have to live in the teasing of their friends, not as happy as the other points. As children, they may be happy, but when they grow up they will have an awareness of the world around them, they know how to grow up. It is possible to know that you do not have parents that really cause a great deal of mental damage. Again I agree with the government should ban gay marriage. Sexual homosexuality has a lot to do with parenting as well as what the consequences will be for children. For a child to take those effects is truly unfair.

However, Vietnam should also have a different perspective on same-sex-marriage. Currently, there have a lot of ideas that gay marriage is normal if we think in a positive direction. Today people think that same sex marriage should be accepted because the world is growing, then people also need to think more advanced. Mixed marriage can bring a new dimension to today’s society. accepting marriage shows that Vietnam is more advanced in thought, and has started to associate with western countries. Mixed marriage starts with love, they believe that they can bring happiness to each other. They have the confidence to prove that they can still grow on the marriage they have chosen. Another reason why we should accept same-sex marriage is to demonstrate the equality of human rights. The law does not agree with same-sex marriage, so they lose many legitimate rights of a real marriage. True marriage requires not only the consent of the family, but also the need to prove that they are real spouses. There are many countries in the world that have adopted same-sex marriages as the Netherlands, Spain and Norway. We are living in a developing country economically so we need positive thoughts not to discriminate against and to oppose same-sex marriage. On the other hand, same sex couples show solidarity and high responsibility. Watching homosexual marriages can also benefit parenting. parenting will become more serious, considerate and responsible. Some argue that homosexual marriage can not bring true happiness to children later, but science has proven that this does not happen.

A single gay couple can still provide the best possible education for their children. Today, same-sex couples can adopt or have children in vitro. This is still allowed by the government. In my opinion, same-sex marriage is not a fad but a true marriage. To get married, two people come together to overcome many things such as social prejudice, the disapproval of the law. We should gain sympathy for them instead of hating them. They are not worth the criticism. Accepting them is also a way to save a person, when starting marriage they have to prepare the best psychology. We should not push a gay person to the same end. We can have unfortunate consequences if we continue to criticize the same sex. If you accept it, you help a sexual partner gain the strength to withstand the stresses of society, help them fight with psychological illnesses, help them have more thought to continue life. They may have a happier, happier life with the consent of you. I think if I am in their situation I will send a message for help: ‘believe us we deserve a better life”. I have the view that each of us should also have positive thoughts about these same-sex marriages. If you can think nicely about homosexual marriage, about the benefits it brings. Become a positive thinker and fit into today’s modern life.

Same-sex-marriages is a very sensitive issue right now. It is contrary to our traditional marriage. A marriage without the consent of the law can not really be sustainable. It affects the lives of themselves and of the people around them. The biggest impact is to affect the children, nothing can guarantee cough will give their children a life of true happiness. In Vietnam today, same-sex marriages are quietly taking place daily and around us. It is possible for us to marry that is illegal but with them that is the true feelings. Homosexual marriage is not bad but it does not fit the standards of today’s society. Vietnamese people are always familiar with traditional marriage. Traditional marriage helps them maintain their race, create a good society. A developed country but still does not lose the traditional. In the future I do not know how the world will change, maybe the government will have more positive thoughts and maybe they will accept this gay marriage but now in Vietnam government should forbid same-sex-marriage. My personal opinion, I agree with the current view is not to accept same-sex marriage.


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