Why Should I Receive a Gender Diversity Scholarship

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Early in my academic pursuit, I had an unusual understanding about Life that results are a function of choices, especially as it bothers around the allocation of scarce resources, hence my interest in Finance and Investment. Owing to the Investment knowledge gap that exists around the globe, particularly in Africa, I seek to expand my knowledge on how best, available resources can be effectively managed, while considering the attaching risk factors, in order to achieve optimum asset apportionment, that would translate to sustainable growth and development. My career goal amongst others is to contribute to the global Financial space so that it will become an environment where Investors’ interest comes first, markets function at their best and economies grow to their full capacities.

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With over four (4) years of working within the finance domain, I believe it is imperative that I pursue knowledge that will deepen my horizon in investment with a view to using the expertise acquired to help foster financial inclusion within my immediate environment and the world at large, while encouraging the younger generation with similar passion, especially the girl child. The ingredients of having a successful life are determination, hard work & exploring available opportunities and CFA Institute being the premier global association for investment management professionals does provide the platform for me, thus my resolve to apply to be a CFA candidate.

My aspiration, just like every other good pursuit, is not without challenges. I am financially constraint because my current income is just enough to cater to my basic cost of living. This is worsened by the weak standing of the Naira when compared with the major currencies of the world, with which the CFA examination fees are valued. This notwithstanding, I am confident that channelling all my efforts and available resources towards obtaining this proficiency would, in the long run, be worth it and support from charitable organizations would be helpful in my quest to impacting the investment industry.

Five years from now, I would have satisfactorily completed the CFA program and be equipped with the intellectual tools needed to become the Chief Financial Officer of an organization and offering investment advice globally which will satisfy my deep-seated desire of helping Economies grow by contributing significantly to the investment sub-sector.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to put forward my application for this grant, taking out time to review it and your contribution to the Finance world by providing financial assistance to female candidates. I look forward to benefitting from this scholarship as this would not only afford me the chance to add value to myself, it will also aid my desire to champion the needed change within the Nigerian investment sphere and globally.

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