The Declaration of National Holiday for Rachel Carson in America


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To uphold our current government which should be run by the people, for the people, we must show our participation. For if we as citizens do not participate in the fate of our country, it will be left up to the minority who were chosen to occupy official positions rather than countless number of regular citizens. The citizens should have an equal say in the future of our country. We as citizens must show our support and our concern for our country. It is in our hands to defend and preserve the rights we have as citizens of the United States of America.

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This might come as a surprise to you, but I ask that we declare a national holiday for Rachel Carson. Now you may ask, “How did this person inspire change in our country?” Well to begin with, Rachel Carson was an American marine biologist and environmentalist. She is recognized for her actions in progressing the ecological conservation movement. Rachel Carson tried to inform the public of the dangers of misusing pesticides. She spoke of the harm they posed to the environment and to human health, though the government just brushed her aside, calling her hysterical. Nonetheless, the government’s denial only caused her to fight harder. Eventually President Kennedy’s Science Advisory Report authenticated Carson’s research. After Rachel Carson died of cancer in 1964, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her actions and her books still inspire many people today in this time of uncertainty. But without her accomplishments, perhaps there would have been many more illnesses and deaths as a result of the wide-spread use of pesticides and pollutants in the environment.

It was the private industries and government use of chemicals after World War Two that caused Rachel Carson to speak out about their harm. She did not believe that the human manipulation of nature was the right course for the future. Rachel Carson wrote a book entitled Silent Spring, which spoke about whether humans had the right to destroy non-human life. Thus, her book advised people to question the way that they were doing things and the way that the government was doing things relating to chemicals.

Rachel Carson deserves a national holiday because she made people aware of the threats to nature and their own health from toxic chemicals. Without her work, without her perseverance, chemicals harmful to nature and ourselves may still have been used to this day without our knowledge. Without her, we may never have been aware of the threats to our own livelihood. Society would have been different. More people would become ill from chemicals in pesticides or house hold goods and not even know that was what caused their illness. People could be slowly poisoning themselves without knowing it. But thankfully, we have become aware of the threat chemicals pose to nature and our own lives mainly because of one person, Rachel Carson.

So how do I or others living today benefit from her efforts? Well, to begin with, actions have been taken by our country to control the amount of pollutants and chemicals that we dispose of in our environment. There are now regulations against the disposing of certain toxins into the ocean or into other natural resources. There are also regulations on the use of chemicals in household goods. There are labels on products that contain harmful chemicals, warning us of their harmful nature. We have become aware of the risks these chemicals pose to our life. Rachel Carson has made us aware. Everyone living in America today greatly benefits from her efforts. I thank Rachel Carson for making not only America, but the world we live in today a better, safer place.

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