Why Should We Learn About the Holocaust

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When we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat history. The holocaust was such a horrible event, and if it was directly caused by one nation, it involved the complicity of several others, and a lot of deaths could have been prevented by countries like the USA and Canada if we had been only willing to accept more Jewish refugees before the war. Why is it important to study the Holocaust? This essay will try to answer.

However the antisemitism disease seemed to be a world-wide phenomenon. Because it's something really dreadful to have happened, especially in a civilized society. So it's important to try to understand why it has happened and now it was possible. And out of respect to the victims, but also to the survivors and their descendants. There are quite a few people alive who survived one the the camps - imagine how they would feel if someone suddenly decided not to teach the Holocaust at school any more? It changed the world’s outlook on things. It affected six million Jews and other race that were hated citizens of twenty two countries conquered. The estimated death toll in World War II of sixty-two to seventy-eight million, making it the deadliest war in the work history in absolute terms of total death. For many it was a personal tragedy and for others it was a cultural legacy. It provided release that the sacrifies made to defeat an evil system were an absolute good. I think we are here to learn lessons about life and depending on how we learn them depends on how we are going to be treated on the other side. Everyone has their own belief whether it be religious or spiritual or scientific, personally I believe in a higher power and we are here to love and experience the good things that we are offered. And to learn to help each other and love each other. We are yet to learn those things sadly enough. We came here through Survival through the fittest, and our minds grew a mental capacity that made us stronger than animals, and while we are corrupt ourselves, we still made a society that is immense beyond compare on Earth.

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We are humans, each diverse, but we are all alike at heart. We struggle to love one another and get along but its sad to say that’s how us humans function. If I were to solve the holocaust I would of token Hitler’s power. Having too much power within us we can take it for granted and abuse it. I believe if I said this I know most would agree and disagree but to be honest we should really blame ourself for all this war chaos, racism discrimination and what race is better than others. We really struggle as a community and world to fix this big time! Before the madness and the victoms I would say the Jews would still be hated. Even if not with death they would still live in a society being hated and blamed for the war fault. Propaganda was huge in manipulating the German people. The only form of media technology was film and radio. This was euse by the Nazi’s. The Nazis only allowed certain messages out on radio and film and these were messages of how great Hitler was. They created a cult of personality around Hitler and made him seem almost like how great of a leader he was. Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, was distributed in schools and used to indoctrinate the youth. Schools only taught children the greatness of the Fuhrer and Germany. Hitler was a 'feel good dictator,' a leader who not only made Germans feel important, but also made sure they were well cared-for by the state. He gave them huge tax breaks and introduced social benefits that even today is within out society. He also ensured that even in the last days of the war not a single German went hungry. They were too happy to overlook the murderous side. It offered tremendous opportunities and the Nazi abused it fully. Hitler was paranoid about being captured by the Russians. He began to plot his death. He asked his doctor what the best way was and the professor said capsul and shooting at the same time. They heard gunshots but nobody was ever produced. There are therios that he didn’t die.

In conclusion I believe we, as a people, should learn that we should never ever discriminate agains any person because of their race, religion or believes. Never should we discrimate against handicapped or gays and lesbians. That we should respect them and not harm them phyisically and mentally. And above all human life should be respected. We as people should recognize that no leader should never want death to so many people for any reason. We should never that many in the world would be against and there will be people who will fight so this does not happen again. We should also learn that it could happen to any of us because we are all different. So respect life and help preserve it.

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