Why Should We Protect Endangered Species

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Human minds have a unique set of skills and abilities to do many things and yet we are rarely using them for the sake of our future generations due to nowadays education. Current technology helps analysts find current species all over the world and they store recent information in modern devices that scientists have gathered through the latest genus, maybe someday there will be new books based on it, so we will learn new knowledge to help our future to become a better one, I am hoping to find technology that helps quickly identify new genus that benefits future knowledge and technology; this is why I chose this question. So, why should we protect endangered species?

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Almost a million genera have already been identified. Although scientists think there are 8.7 million bio-categories yet to be found. Many global organizations are helping analysts to find current species, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) not only do they help find and discover other species. They help protect animals from the forests and the oceans; World Wildlife Fund is located in Switzerland. When a new genus has been recognized through photographs, Researchers try to search for a dead specimen that has been seen in the photograph and once they do find the dead specimen, they make genetic testing on the dead specimen, so they make sure that this species has not already been discovered from another animal.

European analysts adventured into un-adventured lands, uncovering a big amount of new species, and more than 50 genera were identified. Europe in the United Nations recognized that multifariousness is a concern of humankind. The result is that there is a reactivated interest in biodiversity that is leading researchers and conservationists to once go out and find more genus, life, or animals in unexplored places in the world, carefully writing information and classifying the nature of animals that is out there in areas of the world. Most of the identified kind has been found in the land regions, when Europeans traveled to South America in the early 14s and 15s, there was so much nature across the land with mysterious things. At that time birds were not found, which made the Europeans travel through the land to discover those strange chirping sounds and more. The Europeans found so many animals and plants which impacted the world a lot, many bad and good things happened during those times but many new medicines, food, and animals were discovered.

The Brazilian Amazon is full of nature; explorers are finding new species of animals every day. That’s the conclusion of newfound species are being conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and a natural group based in Mamiraua, Brazil. The organizations tracked the number of new animal species from the Amazon in 2014 and 2015. Many researchers clarified and gathered new information which means that the current species that they found is a new species and supported by their peer-reviewed journals. In total, the entire team collected an incredible amount of reports is 381 newly described species, including 32 amphibians, 20 mammals, 19 reptiles, and even more. Finding this many species in Amazon isn’t surprising because the region is incredibly massive. The researchers use ‘camera traps’ that are remote cameras that take photos when a sensor is triggered by the movement of an animal or a person meanwhile sending the image in real-time to the operator, Scientists began to apply this technology to regular places in environments and species. Studying species in the dark requires technology, so they added thermal imaging sensors which can detect the heat energy in animals that are in caves or other dark places. Also, the researchers use detection dogs when finding samples of the genetic material of a specific species in the wild, certain dogs have a great sense of smell and are trained to find the specific wild species.

The presidents of the countries are not thinking of the animals, there are new animals yet to be discovered in the world while only a few researchers are trying to find them with the technology we currently have, it’s a problem that we can’t go even further in the Brazilian Amazon and explore more due to the technology that we have. We need a big group of researchers to find new types of animals or species to discover them before they become extinct. Some animals are going to be extinct like the armor leopard, pangolin, orangutan, and even rhinos. We need to make new technology for researchers so it could be easy to find a new type of species of animals. There should be a group of engineers to have ideas on what we should do to find new species, and what they should make to make it easier to gather information for the researchers.

There should be a type of device that could scan an animal to find out if this has been discovered yet or not, this device should be full of information about the species that have already been found. There should be a group of researchers and scientists to go to unexplored places, go through caves, jungles and rainforests. To help discover new animals or species, engineers could make a drone that could detect thermal energy and records what the drone is seeing even if it is in a dark place, the camera could have a night vision mode when it becomes dark. The analyst should add acoustic sensors everywhere they go, in the trees, the bushes, and even in the grass. Scientists should come along with the group of analysts, and bring some of their lab equipment to help out by taking a single gene, and using DNA barcoding to identify new species.

In my opinion, we need to continue to discover species through our modern technology because we should know if some of the animals are dangerous or venomous. Through many years we also found out that some animals are of great use to make food, animals also are of great use to make medicines or heal wounds, and leaches live in cold rivers. Leaches can drink a lot of toxins from your blood, they help med the skin after plastic surgery or close wounds. There are 650 species of freshwater worms but only a few have been approved by the food and drug administration for medical use. The Caribbean Sea sponge and coral might lead to a big growth of treatments for cancer and antibiotics including other infections, there is another animal that is called a maggot and they like to eat on dying or diseased skin which is a great treatment for infections, We rely on animals and animals rely on us, we have to care for animals to prevent extinction so, this is why I think we need to continue searching for new species so our future generations can live a healthy and happy life and that’s why should we protect endangered species.

Finally, a simple conclusion to this is that we have to keep continuing searching for new genera for the growth of medicines and food, possibly we could even find new materials that are still unknown, and one day we could even travel far beyond our home to places using our technology to discover living things. 

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