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Why Should You Choose the Royal Caribbean Cruise

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What’s so awesome about booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean? Every family could use a vacation every now and then, a break from the real world, a break from society and their invalid judgments. Fun, excitement, and everlasting pleasant memories is what we think of when my family and I talk about our vacation on the Caribbean islands. Our vacation started in Seattle, Washington, where we boarded our flight to Miami, Florida, where we were soon to embark the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. Once we were aboard the ship, we were given cards that opened our room and that we could use to purchase food and souvenirs, then we were directed to our cabin. Ours was cabin number 154 and was a cabin on the 11th floor. Our room also had a balcony, and the balcony had a guard of glass so you could have a complete view of the vast, beautiful, and endless ocean. There were 2 standard queen beds and a retractable one-person bed above the isle between the 2 queens. I felt the luxury right when I came into the room, and right away, our whole family could feel the vibe of luxury and royalty of the trip. The Kids Klub banners, the teen zone papers, the smell of delicious food and the look of the furniture all told us we sure knew that we got ourselves into a very pleasant adventure indeed.

The very first thing my family and I noticed about the cruise ship was the interior design. It was incredible! We have never been on a cruise ship before, and we were sure that nothing could beat what we were seeing on the biggest cruise ship in the world, we also considered it most luxurious. Our rooms were very spacious and cozy. The carpet was very smooth and comfortable for our feet, which we really loved because on vacation, you’re usually barefoot and the carpet felt nice. There was a separate little room for the bathroom that included a bath/Jacuzzi, a shower, a toilet, and a sink. The bathroom was, to our surprise, also very roomy and spacious. The tile in the bathroom looked to be of natural granite stone, and the towels were soft with 100% cotton. The flat screen 45” plasma smart TV and the safe in the wall were also fabulous additions to the cabin. Every evening after loads of fun, we came back to a clean cabin, with a new, unique, 100% cotton towel animal each day, sometimes wearing a pair of our sunglasses that we have once forgotten. Another sweet something that we have discovered on the ship was ice sculptures and watermelon carvings. My family and I were fascinated at the fact that people might have spent the day carving the ice sculpture, or cutting out the fancy art onto the watermelon. Out on the top deck, were pools and water attractions for both adults and children. There were pools that were very comfortable for families with little children who need to be in the shallow area, and parents could be right there with them in an underwater deeper pool, watching over the child’s every little step. My personal favorite part was that there were loungers in the sun, in the shade, and there were always open loungers whenever you feel like soaking up some sun. Jacuzzis were nice, and were open late at night, if for whatever reason you’d like to enjoy the warm breeze, a tub of gargling water, and the bright moonlight glow.

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The Kids Klub and Teen Zone presented itself as a great way of getting rid of your kids for the day and still give them pleasant memories for life. Thanks to the wonderful staff of the Kids Klub and Teen Zone, my wife and I were able to enjoy our vacation to the very, very fullest. If there was ever a time, any time throughout the day when my wife and I would have liked some time together alone, our kids would not stand a change to argue. They loved the activities in the childcare and teens group programs, and we loved them as much as they do. Every day spent at the Kids Klub must have been followed up by as long as a 2-in-a-half hour story. The story took us on a bedtime adventure. On our adventure a tour is first things first. Of course you have to know where to go on this gigantic ship of 1,186ft long, 208ft wide, and 213ft tall. Imagine getting lost on a ship like that! Then goes that scavenger hunt. Every group has been assigned a specific part of the ship to scavenge for items on the checklist, with a picture of each item on the digital camera assigned to every staff member supervisor. My son was so excited about telling the story, and was saying it with so much enthusiasm that he slowly started falling sleep. My 13-year-old teen was also extremely excited about the Youth Zone, she would keep telling me and my husband how the climbing wall was so high, and about how much fun it was to jump down on the rope supports catching you in mid-air. She was also very excited about the game room and the teen’s pools and water slides. She was wearing a shiny silver anklet that she, along with her new friends all won at the game room. The thing she liked least about the Youth Zone was the little facts lesson. She hates facts and history in general, so she should’ve ideally hated the fact lesson. The activity she liked most was the golf course. She loves playing golf in her free time, because she’s usually really good at it when we go out with our family.

Adult entertainment works great for everyone from age 21 and up and is also one of the spectacular entertainments on the ship. Spend a romantic day with your wife or husband, alone; leave the kids to the crew. The perfect romantic date on a cruise ship with your beloved partner would go a little something like starting at the Royal Promenade. Enjoy the little shops and stands and even a parade on one of the days your having an exciting time on the ship. The watermelon carvings look fantastic as you watch the fancy man carve an Indian on the face of the longheaded watermelon. As you walk along the isles of silver and gold, you might come across a few ice sculptures. Some of the sculptures might even be bigger then you, and some so small that you can fit the little chunk of ice into the palm of your hand. Then maybe your wife or girlfriend starts complaining that she hasn’t had her weekly facial. Fear no more, the Royal Spa is here for the rescue! She will love it and so will you. They offer so much to choose from, facials, waxing, massages, manicure, pedicure, and more. When my wife and I got massages from the spa, it was such a pleasant experience, I honestly would book another cruise just for another hour of luxurious massage. Are you tired yet? Your next stop may be the central park, where you can relax and read a book, or walk around and enjoy the wonders of a park on a ship. My favorite about the central park were the reading couches, loungers, and simply chairs. They were so comfortable and they played such a big role in helping you escape even the ship, and into your own mini vacation inside your head. You might even fall asleep and loose track of time being in the relaxing environment of the calm, peaceful central park. Okay, say you rested a little, talk a stroll down the stairs and there you have it, the greatest time waster, but most fun one also. I’ve never really tried it but there are so many machines that its really actually insane. People look like they’re having the time of their lives. Maybe its because they’ve had too much to drink, or maybe its because they’re extremely into it. Fun and excitement of course rein the air of the smoke-filled grand casino. Then finally, how do you feel about spending a night at the club? Open till morning, bar, music, bright lights, everything else you’d ever expect from a nightclub.

The all inclusive buffet and romantic dinner with gourmet foods and specials were absolutely scrumptious and never failed to impress. You know that feeling that when you wake up, you just crave something really bad? Well the breakfast buffet truly has it all. There’s bacon, oatmeal, omelet, fried eggs, hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, cereal, and everything else you ever imagined. The omelet is custom prepared for you before your own eyes. Ham, spinach, bacon, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pepper and cheese are the fillings that are all there for you to put into your delicious omelet. The kids also enjoy breakfast especially because of the faces that are drawn on their omelets every morning. Don’t forget to come back for lunch! The different lunch menu every day in the buffet, gives you a very large variety of gourmet meals to choose to eat daily. My wife’s favorite was the clam chowder, Friday special. The ship also has a Johnny Rockets with burgers typical American food if in any case you miss the buffet times. The lunch buffet is also known for its fresh catch of the day. The skilled fishermen fish for big juicy fish, and the professional chefs prepare it just the way you like it. Now when you’re done with your day, when you clean and fancy yourself up, the formal dinner is simply amazing. Your own waiter does a great job taking your order and making suggestions based on your previous orders. The restaurant also has a catch of the day, but this one is more special because it isn’t only fish. The catch of the day includes lobsters, crab, and maybe sometimes some fish that are very rare to be in the ships kitchen. The chef’s special steak of the day is also better then delicious. Custom prepared and custom seasoned. Really, the food on this ship is anything you have ever dreamt of on vacation.

Going on a cruise with your family may be a bit expensive, but you’ll realize its worth every cent and even more. You get to connect with your family and have a great time together. With all that the cruise line has to offer, you’ll really be missing out. Our family had an unforgettable time, and Royal Caribbean. Go with Royal Caribbean because you will literally feel royal and relaxed and spectacularly amazing. We will be going back 100%, and we would love to see you join our incredible, unforgettable adventure!


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