Why Skype is a Better Platform for Audio and Video Conferencing in Schools

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Table of Contents

  • A/V Conferencing
  • Introduction
  • Students
    Ease of Use
    Teaching and Media Selection
    Organizational Issues
    Security and Privacy
  • Conclusion

A/V Conferencing


Education is developing and changing more rapidly than ever due to technological advancements. Technology has resulted in the adoption video conferencing as a tool for teaching in schools, and this has presented numerous benefits to both teachers and students. The use of advanced technologies offers new opportunities in regards to the use of specific devices to show how the theory works in real case scenario or utilize specific tools to enhance the one’s experience in the classroom setting. There are numerous fields that are affected by technology while the purpose of each device that is used might be different in their origin. For example, Audio/Video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Adobe Connect, Go To Meeting, and WebEx offers their users unique opportunities to communicate worldwide. This report focuses on Skype as one of the most well-known platforms to communicate via live video and voice chat as well as use short written messages to talk to others. Skype is a free audio/visual conferencing tool that allows its users to call and send messages. Use of Skype in classrooms is widespread as teachers can connect with their students from any geographical location. Hence, Skype enhanced the development of online learning after all because people can attend sessions without attending a regular class setting. The purpose of this report is to pinpoint recommendations as to why Skype is the best audio/video conferencing platform that can be adopted in the school. The report is based on S.E.C.T.I.O.N.S model.

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Skype is the most preferred audio/video conferencing tool by students since it is stress-free when using it. Consequently, students with little or no knowledge of video conferencing platforms can easily learn how to use Skype, for that reason, they do not have to spend a great deal of their time learning about its basics. Students also benefit from Skype Translator, which supports over 40 languages

Ease of Use

Skype is an exceptional user-friendly audio/visual conferencing platform for teaching in schools. It appeals to many students and tutors because of its simplicity. Additionally, maintenance and upgrading of Skype application are easy and fast for any user.


Cost is an important discriminator influencing the adoption of any audio/video conferencing platform for teaching in school (Hülsmann 1). Adoption of any audio/video conferencing tool for learning purposes should be affordable. Skype is cost efficient since it is a free application. The user is simply required to download and install the application on their computer or smartphone device and then create their Skype account.

Teaching and Media Selection

Ascertaining suitable uses of media is both an increasingly significant requirement of teachers and trainers in a global digital era and a very complex challenge (Gooley 12). Students learn better from a platform with good graphics and narration tools. Skype incorporates all these as it displays high definition videos and the voice narration tools are excellent.


Feedback is a crucial attribute of interaction, and a quick and timely feedback on teacher-student activities is in most cases a necessity for successful learning. Skype has unveiled ‘Skype in the classrooms’ platform that allows teachers and students to interact quickly and efficiently. This feature also helps students connect with other students globally, exposing them to different cultures and get a glimpse of the world around them.

Organizational Issues

When selecting an audio/video conferencing tool, it is crucial to take into account the organizational issues, that is, how will adoption of the platform in teaching affect the schools teaching the curriculum. The answer to this question is that the incorporation of Skype into learning does not in any way affect the teaching program. Instead, it modifies and simplifies the existing school teaching programs.


Audio/video conferencing tool should provide an avenue for students to network with their peers, teachers and other experts in the course of their studies. Skype has taken this into consideration. The classroom feature helps students to network with various professionals in their field of study. That helps them to gain extra knowledge that is helpful for career growth and progression.

Security and Privacy

Skype has adopted the use of cookies to get hold of certain user personal information. The information is used to improve their services by identifying the users' preferences and content requirements. Skype users can disable this feature if they are not willing to give out their information. Also, users have an option of changing their privacy settings to suit their preference.


To summarize the issue, it should be mentioned that Skype appeared to be the cost-efficient and useful tool to enhance the one’s learning experience. Teachers might consider all benefits that are presented by this platform and incorporate it into their curriculum to enhance students’ learning. According to this report, Skype also secures people’s rights and dignities and safeguards privacy while also presenting possibilities to attend classes worldwide, which might be helpful for ill students who cannot come to school temporary or for students with special needs who might not be able to attend normal classroom settings.

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