Why Smoking Should Be Banned in Every Country

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There are many people who know that smoking cigarette is not good for their body. Cigarette holds many chemical substances such as cadmium, butane, acetic acid, methane, ammonia, arsenic, methanol, nicotine, hexamine, stearic acid, and carbon monoxide. All those substances are not suitable for people to consume. Why smoking should be banned in every country —  because it gives many harmful effects to the smoker, family members or friends and wastes the ingredients.

First, cigarette destroys the smoker by making them sick and weak. Mostly, we can see that people who are smoking cigarette are not fat and strong. Smoking can cause many diseases for example lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. Their skin is rough, and they will look older than their ages. Smoking gives them bad breath and their teeth will fall out by the time they get old. If they have to work or meeting, they need to find a place to smoke alone and try to stay away from others. Soon he or she will have no friends left but only the cigarette. Moreover, smoking reduces smoker’s life. According to Lindsay P. claims that a pack of cigarette could reduce their life expectancy 28 minutes. As you smoke, you will leave your family and your love one. More than that, smokers will spend all the money to buy the drug which they cannot live without. Also, they need to spend on the medicines and treatment too.

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Second, smoking is not affecting only the smoker but also the people around them such as family members and friends. If you smoke around them, the smoke will give unpleasant smell to them and they will become the second-hand smoke. Even though, you go out every time that you smoke but the smell of the smoke still on your clothes or body. It disturbs others by your body’s smell. Both direct smoke and second-hand smoke can face with the same risk of getting many diseases. Furthermore, the children in that family can follow their parents to smoke the cigarette when they grow up. It is important for elder to show a good model for the younger generation what they should do and what they should not.

Third, creating the cigarette is a big waste of the ingredients. When factories or industrials want to make the cigarettes, they need a lot of ingredients to combine. Instead of using them in the right way, they use it in the wrong way which has no advantage at all. Besides, it can kill them one day in the future. The use of cigarettes is only for smoking and give many disasters. If smoking cigarette is banned, the company will not be able to create so much more. All the ingredients left could use to produce many useful things such as lighters fluid, batteries, or candles for people to use it when they need.

Some people might disagree that smoking should not be banned because it can help people reduce stress. When people are in a lot of pressures, smoking cigarette can help them to release all the pressure through the air. However, smoking is not the only way or a most effective way to reduce stress. In fact, Jeanette M. have shown many ways to reduce stress without using cigarette such as meditation or communication. In addition, cigarette produces smoke which fade into the air, so it will pollute the environment around you too. If the amount of fresh air decrease, people will not be able to live longer because there is no fresh to breathe for daily survive.

In conclusion, smoking cigarette should be banned due to three bad effects on smoker, family members or friends, waste the ingredients and pollute the environment. The governments in every country should not allow any factories to produce cigarette as a starter of this mission because if there is no cigarette, there will be no smoker and that will make people healthier and stronger. 

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