Why Social Media Cyberbullying Should Be Taken into a More Serious Aspect

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Social Media has been one of the leading deaths in teens ranging from ages 12-20 years old. Cyberbullying needs to be taken more seriously and actions and consequences need to be in place before something tragic happens. In honest opinion, social media shouldn’t be for kids under the age of 16 years old. Facebook, for example, was established to connect with family who’s in different states and long-term friends, not for cyberbullying. Over the years, Cyberbullying has begun a worldwide problem, but much hasn’t been done to stop it. Cyberbullying is a form of hostility that teens and young adults use to humiliate and embarrass their fewer fashionable peers. According to Völlink, T., Dehue, F., & Mc Guckin, C.'s book “Cyberbullying from Theory to Intervention” they state that “cyberbullying demonstrates itself in revealing insulting remarks, photos, and videos, spreading allegations to defame a person’s integrity. Teen cyberbullying, a whopping 87 percent of teens have witnessed some form of cyberbullying during adolescence and 34 percent of teens have been the actual victims of cyberbullying. Exposing people less fortunate people can cause even more stress when you clearly don’t know what that person faces when they’re alone. Problems with Cyberbullying isn’t all because a person wants to be funny or funny but because they sometimes see the person they are cyberbullying as a threat or is jealous. “Delete Cyberbullying” asserts that teens who are less socially successful may bully because it helps them cope with their own low self-esteem when, they are tearing down somebody else self-esteem to build theirs owns.

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Cyberbullying should be stopped because it keeps those who are being bullied from their education because they don’t feel safe or isn’t focused. Cyberbullying starts at school or a function where a lot of teens are present when somebody popular or trying to be popular to fit in picks on somebody that less fortune or doesn’t fit their criteria of being popular. That individual then starts getting picked on by multiple popular individuals for not dressing apart or looking apart. Being picked on about your image can kill self-esteem and people’s confidence. Which causes a person to feel down about themselves and or to hate themselves, which can result in self harm, acting out of their normal selves, etc. Cyberbullying or any bullying needs to be stopped to prevent people from failing out of school and to keep kids/ teens on the right path which is there future.

Schools feel as if cyberbullying is a minimal problem that can be handled with just detention and that’s all. Schools feel as if because they have other things to deal with cyberbullying isn’t important, so they brush it off the table with all the other paperwork that’s not important to them, but bullying can cause in uproar in kids and their parents. Cyberbullying has been an act in school for ages now and is only going to get worse if the administrators don’t stand up for what’s right. Administrators think sitting down with the two and hashing it out will cause things to be peachy cream between the two. School drama follows over to social media accounts and continues there until they see each other again, but it continues to go on like a cycle. There needs to be an end to cyberbullying and it starts with administrators taking a stand against bullying which will show those who are being bullied it’s okay to be different.

In teens today that’s being cyberbullied face problems with loving themselves, trusting others, believing in themselves, low self-esteem and even little to no confidence. Being cyberbullied most of the time starts at school when an individual doesn’t fit into a certain group of people particularly the popular group. Statistics show that “64 percent of people that have been cyberbullied say it affects their ability to learn and feel safe at school”. With those percentage victims of cyberbully are bound to act out of character, disrespect their parents or even start self-harming themselves. According to “PyshCentral” “teens who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to harm themselves”.

The opposing side feels when adolescents do this, they are giving lure to the intimidators and basically giving them their ammo to begin the terrible annoyance and that being more isolated and not allocation data will help the cyberbullying problematic. They are feels as if kids are going to be kids but never try to look at the rooted problem behind bullying. Cyberbullying is not putting the responsibility on the victims. The victims are not asking to be bullied. The victims of cyberbullying have the right to say whatever they want on social media. The tormenters should have enough principles to know bullying is not okay.

In saying Cyberbullying should be taken into a more serious aspect. Don’t bully just to fit in or be funny because you never know what a person could be facing and coming to school, seeing their friends happy could be the one thing holding them together. Being against bullying can be an emotional thing because seeing that nobody will take a stand and actually realize how serious it is and what to do to prevent anything tragic happen can be frustrating but not giving up can also be taken a long way. Bullying of any sort isn’t going to stop until somebody stand up for those we can’t voice their opinion. There should be laws in place for bullying of any sort because all victims of bullying all have turned to things that aren’t good in the end.  

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