The Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Students Living in Toronto

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When I came to Toronto I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of foreign students. I saw people from India and China, form South Korea and Russia, but what surprised me the most was that they all live as one nation. No any disputes because of the color of skin or religion. It is amazing! After that, I wanted to find out which factors attract students from all over the world?

First of all, I checked how many international student were studying in Toronto in 2017. Their amount was approximately 494 525. It is unbelievable. But anyway what attracts the students from absolutely different country to study in Canada especially in Toronto, even though it is necessary to pay for everything here, housing here is very expensive, even renting a small room is also expensive, if you want to eat natural and fresh food be ready to pay a rather large amount of money, if you have a car you should pay big car insurance each month. Moreover, even the smallest purchase here is also taxed. So far, what wrote is not particularly attractive, is not it? However, let look at some factors that will help us to understand what is so attractive in Toronto.

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To start with, Toronto is keeping third place in the list of top-10 cities for living for the last couple of years. To compile the rating, 30 criteria were taken into account, including the level of health care, culture, environment, education, infrastructure. Thus, experts analyzed 140 cities in the world. Secondly, more than 95% of students have found jobs after graduating from colleges or universities. Moreover, most of these students remained satisfied with their work. Also, not less important factor is that the student can work officially during studies not more than 20 hour per week. Similarly, all graduates have opportunity to live and work in Canada exactly the same as they studied. Also, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit attracts international students very much, because everyone who has in Canada for more than 3 or 4 years can apply for residency permits.

However, there are who say that Canada and in particular Toronto this a very expensive place for living and costs do not justify, many people complain about high taxes. However, I do not agree with these people because if they study this question a little bit deeper, they will understand that all tax collections are going for a good things. For example, almost all colleges are equipped with free computers which can be used by all students 24 hours in a day. Also, in Toronto all buses and trains are equipped with comfortable seats and air condition.

To sum up, I would like to say that instead of all disadvantages of life in Toronto there much more benefits, opportunities and etc. Especially, there are a lot of opportunities for students: wide range of part-time and full-time work in various specialties, graduate diploma that operates around the world. Of course, everyone chooses his their own way og life, where and how spend their life, but I would gladly advise everyone this city.

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