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It's amazing, isn't it? To be able to enjoy weekends and not worry about any school-related activities? And forgetting the stress that academic subjects are bringing? Yes. It really is, for those elementary and high school students. Who wouldn't be happy and overwhelmed of this proposal? The 'no homework policy' had given lots of opportunities to strengthen every individual's quality time.

Let this be a perspective of a college student today. Years ago, we always head up home early to do our numerous homeworks and unending projects. It's loaded specifically on fridays because instructors believed that students would be able to make it for a very long time alotted for each. But the thing is, students weren't able to spend their time much on dealing with their families, friends and mostly themselves. They didn't have enough time to go on a park every Saturdays or even attend mass every Sundays because of these activities they were supposed to do or pass on the following week; Monday. It's disappointing, really. Imagine being stuck at home doing such loads rather than enjoying the freedom of weekends. But due to this proposed bill, students nowadays were able to maintain balance on their academic development and personal growth. They have made their four initial days of the week productive in school by doing activities which enables them to create a wider vision of why it is important, while spending their weekends with full attention on things that won't remind them of school. School-related stuffs are also a burden for some, specifically grade school students, because they are physically tired in bringing textbooks and heavy bags. So, having this bill will lessen these hardships and they will be able to find comfort as a kid. Another issue is the stress it gives not just to students but also their families. They were also affected when it comes to dealing with such activities and were unable to focus on less-stressful ones. But thinking of it, students aren't really able to improve their test scores based on these activities which were supposed to make it better, of course, but no.

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As this is a natural concern, there are also individuals who didn't agree that this is really helpful at all. But let us just leave it to their reasons why they thought of it that way. The important thing is that we were able to justify why we think that this proposed bill had much to offer than to make every student suffer. And this must forever be held on to make every weekends memorable and of better quality for most.

We all know that weekends are dedicated to family bondings, however, homeworks given on Fridays ruin the supposedly free time that students have to be able to spend with their family. This bill will give back the time that students deserve after long days of learning school-related stuffs. It will give the students the time to go out with their family, time to pray in a church, or time to be alone and talk to yourself at once. Students always give their best, their all, when it comes to their studies to the point that they forget to sleep in time, eat in time and even relax their minds from all the stress that school gives them. It is only right to give them those two days to free their minds of all the worries and to get their lost sleeps back. After all, the students’ physical and mental health are very important in order to learn. If the students are either too tired, too sleepy, or too drained to listen, then it will be hard for them to learn.

So for me, it is better to agreed with the bill of Law “No Homework Policy”. As a students, we really need the time and limits as an individual. We also have our different prioprities not even for school but also for our own good. Indeed, school works are still our priorities but at the same time it is the reasons why every students are’nt able to go to school everyday.

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