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Why Sweatshops Should Not Be Legal

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Imagine a life where you have to wake up at 4:00am daily and go to work for 10-12 hours without any food or water breaks. Sadly this is a reality that many are faced with each and every day, children included. According to Merriam Webster a sweatshop is: “a factory or workshop, especially in the clothing industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.” Many families where money is a problem and when they are uneducated, are forced into working at jobs such as these. Infact, children as young as 4 start working in these factories or workshops as they need to provide for their families. With low working conditions and poor wages, sweatshops have also been linked to having health risks. We need to do something to help those who do not have a voice or other options.

I strongly believe that something needs to be done about sweatshops. Forcing children and adults to work in such harsh environments is inhumane. We need to do something to help. In gr.6 I remember watching an eye opening documentary about sweatshops, although I do not remember the name, I still remember how traumatizing it was watching toddlers working. To this day, I know what many corporate companies do is wrong. What I saw that day when I was 11 still haunts me. As Liberals are usually associated with fighting for equal rights, I believe that it would be the political identity hence falling towards the centre of the political spectrum. An estimated 250 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work in sweatshops in developing countries, this number is huge and these are only the children that are working for these factories. No one should have to experience what many children living in third world countries do which is why we should help eliminate sweatshops. Some ways to do so is by donating money towards organizations such as the USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) or by raising awareness on this issue by creating posters or PSA’s.

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Although to me the debate of having sweatshops seems to beis one sided, many others such as large corporations say otherwise. According to “sweatshops help the poor escape poverty.” In reality they do not help the poor. In fact, most of the workers pay check is used towards food, clothing and basic human necessities. Companies such as Nike use sweatshops towards their mass production. They also claim it is to help the poor, but really sweatshops are created as it lowers the cost of productionit is due to the low cost of creating their merchandise. With producing overseas and paying as they pay their workers only about 13 cents per hour, they look for the cheapest alternative to create products. With all this said, sweatshops are something that should not be legal.


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